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Status Update on a New ColourSpace Release

Author Steve

#1 | Posted: 19 Feb 2023 01:15 
It has been a while since our last ColourSpace Update Release, which is very unusual for us, as we generally release new updates with monotonous regularity...

The reason for the extended period with no new release is down to a very large 'under-the-hood' change we have been working on.
This change is needed for future additional capabilities, and is therefore very important.
But annoyingly, for the user the changes will have little immediate impact, even though the actual changes are huge.

What the user will see is a more useful drop-down selection capability when selecting a colour space or profile within the main program windows.

New Library

Additionally, and far more importantly, all profiles will now not be loaded into ColourSpace every time ColourSpace is opened.
They will only load on demand.
This will greatly speed-up ColourSpace, and also prevent race-conditions, where profiles are still trying to load while also trying to be accessed.

Also, as part of the upcoming new release, we will have the required SSL communication update added for the latest LG C2 firmware change.
That will sort the present connection issues caused by LG's last C2 firmware change.
(We would have issued this update far quicker, as it is a really simple change, but chose to keep focus on the major library changes, as going forward that is of far greater importance for ColourSpace!)

Note: Due to the major underlying changes to ColourSpace, we will likely initially issue this update as an Open Beta.
We expect there may be potential holes in the changes that our internal testing may have missed, and would therefore recommend only those users that are keen to help Beta Test install the initial release.
(This will again be reiterated within the release notes!)

The release will be announced in the New Software Releases thread, as usual.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author ColorCal
#2 | Posted: 1 Mar 2023 01:37 
In preparation for the 'Open Beta', do we need to sign-up for it?
I know you said Open Beta, but just checking...

Author Steve

#3 | Posted: 1 Mar 2023 01:40 
No, no need to sign-up, or anything like that.
When available (which will be soon), any user will be able to access the Open Beta download.
But it will be a 'Beta', so be prepared to find issues, and feed them back to us!

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author Steve

#4 | Posted: 8 Mar 2023 18:32 
The next ColourSpace release is now imminent...
A matter of days, not weeks.

The release will be an Open Beta, and users SHOULD NOT install unless they are happy to be a Beta Tester, and report bugs/issues back to us.
There will be Bug/Issues, so do not install if you cannot cope with such likely issues!

Some of the changes/fixes/improvements will include:

-- Corrected potential UPRtek disconnect issue
-- Fixed crash with ASUS probe connect when no probe available
-- Added additional .3dl LUT format to Assimilate LUT export
-- Updated AJA ColourBox integration to include new TPG functionality
(New AJA ColorBox firmware required)
-- Corrected various Sub-Space issues
-- Fixed LUT Generation failure with Film Profile as destination
-- Corrected missing .bpd extension for exported profile, probe match, and colour space files
-- Fixed Gamut Coverage calculation failure with ST2084 and Limit Range
-- Fixed issue with Hybrid LUT Generation when using Focused Patch Set
-- Corrected connection issue with CA-310M probe
-- Fixed occasional crash when closing Profiling window
-- Fixed occasional crash when closing LUT Generation window
-- Fixed Reports not recalling correct EOTF if 2 or more start with the same characters
-- Updated all Colour Space and LUT selection drop-downs
-- Updated LG TV integration for TVs with SSL requirement
-- Added first iteration of LG Pro monitor integration
-- Improved operation of Interactive Controls for LG TVs
-- Fixed issue with EOTF graph incorrectly altering the Target Luma Max after Dif EOTF selected
-- Corrected operation of Settings, Target Luma, Update & Auto buttons
-- Major update to internal Library structure & operation and made muti-threaded
-- Enabled on-demand loading of profiles

But the big change is a HUGE refactoring of the underlying code base. ready for future developments we have planned.
It is this refactoring that will likely have broken things our internal testing may have missed.
Things that used to work perfectly.


Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 Status Update on a New ColourSpace Release


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