Light Illusion is the de-facto standard for 3D LUT based display calibration and colour management.

Within the Film, Post-Production, and Broadcast industries, nothing else comes close to ColourSpace for guaranteeing image accuracy and consistency at all levels, and uniquely supports Home Cinema users at the same professional level, enabling home users to match professional colour accuracy.

ColourSpace 3D LUT based calibration is second to none

Through the use of the world's most advanced colour engine for LUT generation, the calibration accuracy ColourSpace achieves has proven time and again to be far in advance of any alternative calibration system, and has made ColourSpace the de-facto standards for any and all colour critical environments.

3D LUT based Display Calibration

ColourSpace - Nothing Else Comes Close

ColourSpace is used in more post-production facilities, film studios and broadcasters than any other calibration system, and through providing the same exact tools for Home Cinema calibration has become the defacto standard for all calibrators striving for ultimate accuracy.

ColourSpace is not just the most accurate calibration system available, but also the fastest, employing unmatched calibration capabilities, advanced colour algorithms and operational toolsets, enabling the fastest and most accurate calibration possible.

Uniquely, ColourSpace uses no fixed structure step-by-step walk-throughs for any form of calibration, instead providing a selection of powerful tools that can be applied as required by the user.

ColourSpace has been directly integrated into many displays from high-end display manufacturers, such as from LG, ASUS, FSI, Canon, EIZO, Konvision, Kroma, NEC, Dell, Dolby, and many more, as well as being able to generated 3D LUTs for use in any other display with 3D LUT capability, LUT boxes, grading systems, and more.