Light Illusion is serious about customer support needs, and strives to provide an unmatched level of assistance.

All customers, be they profession users with in Film, Post-Production, or Broadcast industries, or from the Medical arena, or Home Cinema users, will always receive the best possible support.

Standard Support

All Light Illusion products and services purchased directly through Light Illusion come with an inclusive one year multi-level support contract, including remote training, dedicated discussion forums, direct e-mail and phone communication.

For products purchased via any Light Illusion partner or reseller the first line of support is always with the partner/reseller.

Should the partner/reseller be unable to resolve any given issue, Light Illusion will then step-in to provide direct support.

Further Support

Support beyond one year requires the purchase of an additional year's support contract at a cost of 10% of the original product purchase price.

Additional support need only be purchased when needed, with no need to be on a continuous support contract at all.

The purchase of Additional support is not required for software product updates, as they are free for the life of the product.

Product Upgrades

All Light Illusion software products include free revision updates for all options purchased, for the life of the specific software product.

New software modules and alternative product options are separately chargeable, as are new software releases.

License Resets

If the PC used to run Light Illusion software has any hardware changed, has a major OS upgrade, or specific Light Illusion software update requires a license reset, you will see a 'Protection Error' warning when starting the new Light Illusion software version.

When this is seen, the license will need to have its hardware registration re-set.