All Light Illusion software tools are single workstation licensing, unless otherwise specified.

Licenses predominantly lock to the internal hardware and OS configuration of the host system, and can be reset as required by Light Illusion.

License Change

When upgrading or changing a license - for example from the Free ZRO license to a paid for license - it may be necessary to first delete the existing license.

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Light Illusion\LightSpace CMS
  • Locate IPClient_uninstall.exe, and Run

This will remove any existing licensing, and will enable a new license to be activated.

Note: Should the above fail, navigate to C:\ProgramData\IProt, and delete the folders found there.

Hardware Change

If moving a ColourSpace license to a new PC, or changing hardware within the existing ColourSpace PC, a license reset will be required.

The form below can be used to request a license reset.

License Reset Request

+44 (0)7765 400 908

We aim to respond ASAP

Forgotten Licenses

All licenses are provided at the time of purchase, with the purchase invoice.
It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain a record of the license for future reference.

Should a license be lost, Light Illusion charge a 10% of purchase price fee to re-supply any lost license.

On-Selling Licenses

Any purchased Light Illusion license can be on-sold to a new user by the current owner.
There is a 10% of book-price fee for any re-sold license, to enable the license to be used by the new owner.

Contact Light Illusion to verify the actual price beforehand.