Nothing else comes close to the accuracy and capabilities of Light Illusion's colour management tools.

Light Illusion is the world's leading provider of colour management tools and services across all sectors of the film, TV and Broadcast industry, additionally providing professional level capabilities and support for the Home Cinema market. Based on real world experience, due to all members of Light Illusion being directly involved in professional film and TV operations, all Light Illusion tools and services are developed directly for the actual needs for high-end colour management across all colour critical disciplines.

Advanced Display Calibration

Through the use of the world's most advanced colour mathematics engines, such as at the heart of ColourSpace, the results gained have proven time and again to be far in advance of any alternative colour management systems, and has made Light Illusion colour tools the de-facto standards for any and all colour critical environments.

The varied tools provided within ColourSpace enable the most advanced colour management possible for all workflows, including Mac and PC workstations, as well as any colour critical creative software, from grading systems, to paint and graphics systems, through medical imaging, to home cinema and HTPC configurations.

Peerless Tools & Capabilities

ColourSpace is not just the most accurate calibration system available, but also the fastest, employing unmatched calibration capabilities, advanced colour algorithms and operational toolsets, enabling the fastest and most accurate calibration possible from start to finish. A totally agnostic operation also enables any displays or display technology to be calibrated, without restriction.

The separation of display profiling (measurement) from calibration (3D LUT generation) is also critical for accurate calibration, and ColourSpace uniquely has this capability at its core.

Industry Knowledge & Experience

All members of Light Illusion are true Film and TV stalwarts, having worked at key roles within the industry for many years, ranging from hands-on creative colourists, to colour management and workflow specialists, to hardware and software design and development for leading industry companies, including ownership of high-end post production companies.

It is this real-world experience that has defined the development of all light Illusion tools, and makes them so suitable for the work they are intended to perform across all applications from TV and Film post-production & broadcast, through medical imaging, to home cinema applications.