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LG OLED - Display Profiling and LUT Generation with ColourSpace CMS

Author liberator72
#1 | Posted: 17 Dec 2020 17:26 
I thought I would post here for owners of LG OLED that are new to ColourSpace and are in need of a little "head start" on getting set up and running with profiling their display for LUT generation and upload using ColourSpace.

As a former LightSpace user and as I have been using ColourSpace since the initial Alpha build releases, I am very familiar with the interface and the process involved when it comes to LG OLED. It can be a little daunting and somewhat overwhelming when first getting started. There is no clicking "Next -> Next -> Next" (ultimately ending in frustration) here, so I have created some guides to help newcomers.

They have been available for some time already and this has all previously posted about at AVS Forums

However I have recently updated these guides to reflect some minor changes to the user interface of ColourSpace, along with some other additional information and these are now available.

Also available are instructions on how to manually calibrate Dolby Vision and adjust HDR to produce the best possible image on LG OLED. Again, these have been available for quite some time but I have only ever posted about this on AVS Forums.

I have tried to make them as "noob friendly" as possible as they are targeted towards the general home user with no experience of ColourSpace or display profiling in general. However, they are available to any ColourSpace user with a paid license of HTL or higher and access to the Device Control Templates for LG.

To obtain these guides you will need to contact Ted Aspiotis via his website. If you are a new user you will be automatically provided with all the guides and necessary files when you are granted access to Device Control Templates for LG. If you are already a current user of ColourSpace with access to Device Control Templates for LG, please contact Ted and request them if desired.

In addition to these guides, I have created a thread at AVS Forums for users wishing to obtain an affordable bit-accurate RGB patch generator, namely, the Raspberry Pi PGenerator.
When profiling an LG OLED display we need to be sending a Full Range RGB signal as the internal LUT has a 10-Bit 0 -1023 range. PGenerator is perfect in this situation.
The thread contains a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set everything up, and also includes information on how to obtain a new version of PGenerator that includes Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk - PGen Edition. This is something I believe should be part of any enthusiast calibrators toolkit!!!!!
It also has information on how to add HDR metadata to the signal for those who have a HD Fury device, and much, much more.
When I have time I will see if I can create a similar thread here for those that do not have AVS Forum accounts, but for now I will just post a link to that thread below.

I will be happy to answer any further questions here, but please understand that I have other life commitments (work/family/etc) so I am not always instantly available. If I do see I have received a question I will strive to answer as quickly as possible.

Author liberator72
#2 | Posted: 29 Jan 2021 18:55 

For users that have updated to latest release (v1.0.0.885), the CSV patch sequences included within the .zip package are no longer scaled correctly so will not be completely accurate. This is due to the way the Patch Scale setting has been changed in the latest release, so all custom patch sequences must be imported pre-scaled. Some need to remain at Full Range, some need to be Video Extended, and some need to be Video Legal.

I have already started rescaling the relevant patch sequences, this will be completed very quickly, I will then need to verify that the rescaling has been done correctly.

The instructions for profiling/LUT generation/verification will remain the same, it is just the CSV sequences that need rescaling, nothing more. As soon as this is complete, checked, and double checked, I will provide Ted with a new .zip to distribute.

Users that already have the guides will need to contact Ted for a new download link. New users will automatically be provided with the correct CSV sequences.

Author astralstorm
#3 | Posted: 28 Apr 2021 16:34 
I've tried to use the guides for HDR calibration, however I have hit a wall when applying a final 3DLUT correction in gamma 2.2.
When I try to apply it to the profile, white point set in the service menu is totally skipped, as if 1DLUT is applied. The only way to get out of that is to Reset the profile in TV, losing the LUTs. Switching the profile in DeviceControl brings it back.

I have used the worse 1DLUT calibration on the profile before, but I've no idea why it would be applied still, or whatever is locking down the white point.
Perhaps there is a way to reset out of it, in a service menu or otherwise?

I am using DeviceControl latest version 2.0.19 and fresh version of the templates from today.

Author liberator72
#4 | Posted: 28 Apr 2021 17:56 
I'm sorry, I'm not sure I follow, because there is no mention of applying a 3D LUT for HDR in the guides I have created.

Infact, there is no mention of any form of LUT calibration (1D or 3D) in either HDR or Dolby Vision in those guides.

The fact that when using Device Control to Enable Calibration bypasses any Service Menu white point calibration means that you must have either Reset the 1D LUT, or have uploaded a 1D LUT at some point, and the only way too remove that is a full factory reset (Reset to initial settings) of the TV.

Unless you meant to say 3D LUT for SDR, which is of course different. SDR is obviously 3D LUT calibrated, but the same thing applies in that if you have previously either Reset the 1D LUT, or uploaded a custom 1D LUT you will need to factory reset the TV. But nowhere in the guide does it say anywhere that you should Reset or upload a 1D LUT either.

If you have done this previously using an alternate software then it is always advised to factory reset your TV before beginning the process with ColourSpace so as not to cause any conflict or confusion with the method outlined in the guides.

Author astralstorm
#5 | Posted: 29 Apr 2021 08:01 
Thank you, resetting the whole TV to factory settings fixed the problem.
I'm experimenting with correcting the screen in PQ mode as well as in Gamma 2.2 in HDR, because of white point instability in low range.

Author liberator72
#6 | Posted: 29 Apr 2021 12:39 
Okay. If you are experimenting that is something different as it is not part of the guides that you referred to in your original post and that is what confused me.

You are of course free to experiment as much as you want, but if it you are not following the procedure outlined in the guides then I cannot offer support as there are so many quirks with WRGB OLED.

But for future reference, if you ever reset the 1D LUT again (either intentionally or accidentally) you will have to factory reset the TV if you want to remove the dormant Null/Custom 1D LUT or it will just reload any time you connect to the TV and "Enable Calibration" in that mode.

This is a feature of the TV itself and not an issue with any specific software (i.e. it will do the exact same thing regardless of software used).

Author liberator72
#7 | Posted: 9 May 2021 11:36 
ColourSpace CMS Calibration Guides for LG OLED - Rev.5

Updated guides for LG OLED calibration using ColourSpace CMS with a licence level of HTL or higher have been released, The guides can be accessed and downloaded via the new method outlined previously in THIS post.

They can be downloaded by visiting the link below. The download link itself is locked and is only accessible by users that have been granted access to the Device Control Templates for LG. Follow the instructions provided on the webpage.

ColourSpace CMS Calibration Guides for LG OLED - Download Link

Changes in Rev.5:

Updated ColourSpace 3D LUT Calibration Guide with some reformatting and the addition of a "Contents Page".

  • Headers in the Contents Page are direct links to the section within the guide containing the relevant information.
  • The bottom right of each page contains another direct link (Contents) that will navigate directly back to the Contents Page.
  • These changes are for ease of navigation providing a quick and simple method to revisit certain sections for reference.
  • Added information relating to 2021 model LG OLEDS
  • 2021 LG OLEDs have a totally redesigned user interface and naming convention. A dedicated page outlining these changes has been added.
  • Minor tweaks and additions for clarity

Updated Dolby Vision Guide with additional information

  • Minor tweaks to the information provided which is explained within the guide
  • Additional information relating to the ability to upload a Dolby Configuration File (CFG) manually for a total of 3 picture modes
  • This means that Dolby Vision Cinema, Cinema Home and Game can now have a CFG applied manually by uploading the configuration via USB
  • A huge amount of credit goes to AVS Forum user HiFi4Vision for his assistance in discovering how to apply the manual "multi-mode" upload of a Dolby Vision CFG

No other changes have been made. There is no difference to the actual procedure. There is no difference to the actual patch sequences used.

Once again, a huge amount of gratitude goes out to AVS Forum user HiFi4Vision from me personally for his help with figuring out the method to apply the "multi-mode" Dolby Vision configuration.

Have fun!!

(Note: There has been recent discussion in some parts with respect to the possibility of 3D LUT Generation for HDR. This discussion has revolved around some serious misunderstanding of how consumer LG OLED display process a 3D LUT in HDR mode. The guides are created with one sole intention, and that is to provide a method to fully calibrate SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision to the best of the displays capabilities using ColourSpace software only. HDR calibration has been fully investigated, and as such, experimental methods that have no proven success rate will never be added to the guides, and will not be supported by me personally)

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