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FALD Displays

Author Steve

#1 | Posted: 29 Nov 2020 12:02 | Edited by: Steve 
There have been a number of questions/discussions recently on FALD displays, and their suitability for professional use - both colour critical, and VFX.
So, we have made a FALD Test Image (which will be added to the ColourSpace Test Patterns in the next release) .

When used with an image viewer that can show the image without borders (ImageOpen is ideal), some of the issues with FALD displays can be easily seen and tested.

The images provided here are the actual FALD Test Image, and an actual photo taken from a real FALD display.
(The actual photo taken of the FALD screen also show the expected 'glowing' around the test image, which is a well known issue with FALD displays, when the number of zones is relatively small.)

For those with ColourSpace, the flashing 'Contrast' Test Pattern will show this equally as well, as well as other associated issues.
(Test at different sizes, to see how the FALD display reacts.)

Flashing Contrast Test Pattern

And here is a video of the issue with the static test image.

As the number of 'zones' increases the associated FALD issues (both the issues seen with the FALD Test Image, and the associated glow around bright objects, will become less apparent. When there is an effective 'backlight per pixel', all such issues will be negated.


FALD Test Image
FALD Test Image
FALD Test Photo
FALD Test Photo
Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 FALD Displays

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