The SCD is designed to enable fast turn around of in house density measurement of both negative and print film stocks, for use in true Film Emulation LUT generation.

  • ColourSpace Compatible
  • LightDensity Integration
  • SpecTD Integration
  • 310T Integration
  • 35mm Film Transport


The SCD (Stepper Controlled Densitometer) transport is designed to enable fast turn around of film profiling, providing in-house calibration of both negative and print processes, resulting in highly accurate digital film calibration. This allows facilities to maintain independent control over Film Emulation calibration, or for film labs to provide smaller facilities lab specific profiling services.

The SCD system is a stepper motor controlled 35mm motion picture film transport for use with the SpecTD Densitometer, or X-Rite 310T (densitometer not included). It is designed to automate the process of measuring negative and print densities necessary for film profile based colour management systems, such as ColourSpace.


  • Speed: ~3.5 s/sample
  • Shuttle: ~3.1 ft/s
  • Reel size: 500 ft
  • Voltage: 240/110 AC
  • ColourSpace compatible


The SpecTD is a state of the art, hybrid spectrophotometer & densitometer specifically designed for the motion picture film industry and the requirements of modern colour management systems, such as ColourSpace, and can be integrated into the SCD file transport system.


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