The SpecTD is a state of the art, hybrid spectrophotometer & densitometer specifically designed for the motion picture film industry and the requirements of modern colour management systems, such as ColourSpace.

  • ColourSpace Compatible
  • LightDensity Integration
  • StatusA & StatusM
  • Silver Density
  • SCD Integration


The SpecTD provides spectral analysis of negative and print film, while also providing all of the functionality of a traditional transmission densitometer. With the increasing demands of colour management systems, and the closer tolerances required of digital and print presentations, there is a real need for more detailed analysis tools than previously available. The SpecTD is ideally suited to this environment and that of traditional film processing laboratories. In conjunction with the SCD automated transport system, the SpecTD provides an efficient, versatile automated solution for large measurement sets.

Measuring film density accurately is key for generation of the final calibration LUT, and care must be taken when measuring the film flats with a hand operated densitometer. For the most accurate film density measuring a fully automated system is recommend, and the SCD automated transport system can be purchased from Light Illusion for this purpose.


  • Density measurement: SMPTE status A, status M, Visual, RP180 & Academy¬© Printing density (APD)
  • Colourmetric measurements: CIE XYZ & CIE xyY
  • Standard 3,2,1mm apertures
  • Silver density / retention measurement
  • Optional: sound track 0.5mm X 2mm aperture
  • Spectral measurements: 2nm intervals, 380nm to 780nm
  • Density range, 0.00D -> 4.50D
  • Fully compatible with the SCD transport system
  • Digitally controlled tungsten halogen light source
  • Compatible with ColourSpace and other colour management systems


The SCD is a stepper motor controlled 35mm motion picture film transport system for the SpecTD, designed to automate the process of measuring many negative and print densities necessary for modern colour management systems.