Home Cinema users strive for near cinematic perfection, and what better way to attain perfection than by using the same calibration system that is the de-facto standard within the professional film and TV industry?

As a result, the tools provided by Light Illusion have become the preferred choice for colour management within the high-end home cinema market.

Light Illusion Calibration is unmatched

Unlike existing traditional consumer calibration systems ColourSpace Home Cinema versions are not limited or cut-down versions, and instead are exactly the same as used within the professional market for high-end colour management - no compromises.

Home Cinema TV Calibration

Cinematic Home Cinema

ColourSpace HTL, HTP & HTX provide the best possible calibration for use in any Home Cinema environment. Knowing you are using the exact same system as used in professional post-production facilities, where the master film and TV programs are graded, guarantees the images seen on any home cinema TV or projection system will match perfectly the look intended by the program's production team.

As this is the basic intent for any calibration process - to match as accurately as possible the original source content as graded - the results attained by ColourSpace are impossible to match through the use of existing traditional consumer calibration systems.

Ease of use, with automated profiling and 3D LUT generation, enables home users to master advanced calibration with ease, quickly guaranteeing the best possible end result.