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ColourSpace CMS takes display calibration and colour management to the next level

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3D Graphs
Target Error Tangent Lines
Target Error Tangent Lines
Normalised Cube
RGB Balance
3D LUT display

ColourSpace CMS will take display calibration, colour management, and colour workflows to the next level.

Building on the unmatched capabilities of Light Illusion's existing calibration system - LightSpace CMS - ColourSpace is a ground-up, and totally new product development that far exceeds the capabilities of any previous or present calibration systems.

ColourSpace enables unprecedented and previously unachievable levels of accuracy and data reporting for display calibration, colour management, and colour workflows within the professional Film, Post-Production, & Broadcast industries, as well as for Display Manufacturers and Home Cinema enthusiasts.

ColourSpace CMS will become the new de-facto standard for advanced colour management, guaranteeing the highest possible level of display calibration and colour control, regardless of final application.

The initial release for ColourSpace is Windows only - A Mac version will be made available later

(The use of Virtual Machines is not provided for)

As ColourSpace development progresses a range of option versions will be introduced, and in most part will mirror the available options for LightSpace CMS.

A likely breakdown of ColourSpace licensing will be something like:

Professional Calibration

ColourSpace INF All features and options
ColourSpace XPT All features and options, excluding ICC & VCGT tools, and LUT Extraction
ColourSpace PRO All available display, LUT box and probe integration
ColourSpace CAL All available display and LUT box integration, selected probe support
ColourSpace LTE Selected display, LUT box, and probe integration

Professional LUT Management

ColourSpace LMN LUT conversion, LUT generation from colour space standards, and LUT Manipulation
ColourSpace LGN LUT conversion and LUT generation from colour space standards
ColourSpace LCN LUT conversion

Home Cinema & Pro. AV

ColourSpace HTX All home features and options
ColourSpace HTP All available home display, LUT box, and probe integration, excluding ICC & VCGT tools
ColourSpace HTL All available home display and LUT box integration, selected probes

Manual Calibration & Validation

ColourSpace DPS Verification including 3D volumetric graphs
ColourSpace ZRO Standard 2D graphs verification (free)

However, the actual capabilities and options within each license version will be different to LightSpace, as new features and capabilities are being added.

The pricing structure will mirror LightSpace, although actual costs will be different, based on the new capabilities ColourSpace introduces.
Final pricing will be announced closer to the release date.

The most visually impressive abilities within ColourSpace CMS revolve around the unique graphics capabilities, combined with interactive data manipulation, with 3D CIE, XYZ, and normalised Colour Space Graphs, including Error Tangent lines and colour coded measure points.

New user defined patch colour sequences have been implemented for manual TV CMS adjustments, allowing any patch sequences to be imported for either manual or automated measurements.

New Remote Control integration will allow for the development of third-party programs to both control ColourSpace, as well as receive data from ColourSpace, enabling additional colour management processes outside the direct capabilities of ColourSpace.

But, the biggest capabilities ColourSpace will enable is future flexibility.
The new code base has been developed to allow unrestricted future development of new calibration tools, graphical layouts, direct data interactivity, and more. ColourSpace really is a totally new approach to calibration, and calibration tools.

In the above video you have a brief overview of the traditional 2D charts in ColourSpace, as well as the new 3D volumetric 3D graphs, all fully interactive, sizeable, and colour coded.

The colour coding helps quickly identify the accuracy of any given measured point.

  • Green ≤ 1dE
  • Orange > 1dE ≤ 2.3dE
  • Red > 2.3dE

The white Tangent lines are visual plots of any given point's error.
The line starts at the actual volumetric location of the measured point, and ends where the point should be.
A very graphical way to show each and every error in any given display.

(And if you make it to the end of the video, you will also get to see what I do for fun! - Steve)

The background to ColourSpace is some 5 years old - yes, we really have been working on it that long! - with the equivalent of an unprecedented 15+ years man-hours development time dedicated to re-imagining the needs and requirements for next generation display calibration, colour management and colour workflows.

While there are similarities in some areas of the look and feel of ColourSpace when compared to the existing LightSpace CMS, only the Gen3 Colour engine is the same, with the rest of the system being totally new, built from the ground-up, with no code similarity.

ColourSpace has been developed as a ground-up new system as the age of LightSpace was beginning to show. We need a new platform to take calibration onwards, with new capabilities suitable for now, as well as for years to come.

Further, improvements in development tools, as well as the new code-base, mean we may potentially be able to offer calibration capabilities that go beyond LightSpace's Windows OS only operation. Within limitations, we 'should' be able to offer a Mac version of ColourSpace. This will not be available initially, but we presently do not see any reason a Mac version should not become available at a later date.

For any existing LightSpace CMS user there will be a very good Trade-up discount scheme available.

Discounts will be on a one-on-one basis, but will be 100% for any LightSpace license purchased in 2019/2020.
For LightSpace licenses purchase before 2019 the discount will vary, based on the age of the license.

To discuss Trade-up discounts, please Contact Light Illusion

Note: When released, ColourSpace will cost more than the present equivalent LightSpace license.
This means for anyone without LightSpace, purchasing a LightSpace license now for a free Upgrade to ColourSpace when released includes an effective discount on ColourSpace pricing.

The introduction of ColourSpace will obviously have an impact on LightSpace.

As one of the major reason for the introduction of ColourSpace is to provide a platform for future colour and calibration developments, many of the new capabilities that will be introduced with ColourSpace will not be backwards compatible with LightSpace.

The new Volumetric 3D Graphs are a good example of that. They are just not compatible with the LightSpace code base.

That's not to say that compatible developments will not be added to LightSpace, as the new 'Remote Control' capabilities show, as they have been developed for ColourSpace, but have already been added to the next LightSpace release.

And bug fixes will obviously continue.

But, as time progresses, less and less ColourSpace developments will be compatible with LightSpace. And eventually it will just make no sense to continue to develop new LightSpace capabilities in parallel with ColourSpace.

Quite when that will be is really an unknown, and we will have open discussions about that as the time approaches.

But, very specifically, LightSpace is NOT being discontinued, and no users will be forced into jumping to ColourSpace, unless they choose to do so.

Core Benefits


Being based around Light Illusion's Gen3 Colour Engine, as used in LightSpace, the calibration accuracy of ColourSpace CMS is unmatched by any competitive calibration system.

3D Graphs

Unique 3D interactive graphs, enable accuracy assessment in ways previously impossible, with error tangent lines defining individual point errors, while all graphs can effectively be infinitely zoomed and scrolled.

dE Colour Coding

For quick and simple, but accurate assessment of any display, the measured colour points are uniquely displayed colour coded to define individual dE accuracy.


The core code of ColourSpace is lean and clean, resulting in unmatched speed across all aspects of operation, from graph interaction, to final display calibration, LUT generation, and information assessment.


Speed, combined with advanced 3D graphic charts, unique error tangent lines, and data point colour coding results in a level of user interactivity unmatched in any alternative calibration system.

Fully Featured

ColourSpace combines every conceivable feature for display assessment and calibration, colour management, workflows, LUT generation & manipulation, camera colour tools, ICC generation, VCGT management, and more...



ColourSpace expands on LightSpace CMS as the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.

ColourSpace CMS becomes only the second colour management system to meet all these criteria, providing fully integrated facility-wide colour management for on-set, post-production, and broadcast workflows, providing total facility-wide calibration capabilities, without the need for multiple systems or a 'floating' license.

The most exciting thing about ColourSpace is the future it opens up for display calibration and colour management. As a totally new ground-up development, it has near unlimited flexibility built-in, and will provide the basis for additional features and capabilities for many years to come.

Demo Video

The above Overview Video gives some insight into the flexible nature of ColourSpace, as well as the basic layouts and operation, including its multiple window capabilities, window re-sizing, and graph sizing and scrolling, etc.

ColourSpace XPT

Feature Availability
Gamut & Gamma Options (Hover over the icons for additional information)
Colour Spaces
Camera Profiles
Display Profiling Capability
Manual Measure
TV Specific
Quick Profiling
Cube Profiling
Closed-Loop Profiling
DIP Mode Profiling
Profile Through Active LUT
Patch Generation Capability
Inbuilt Patch Generator
Network Patch Generator
External Patch Generator
Profile Reporting
Profile Graphs
Profile Report PDF Export
Probe Integration and Configuration
Probe Integration
Probe Matching Capability
Probe Offset Capability
LUT Box Compatibility
LUT Box Direct Integration
LUT Box LUT Compatibility
Display Integration
Direct Display Compatibility
Software System Integration
Software System Compatibility
Remote Processing
Remote Control
Secondary Execution
LUT Import, Conversion, Generation, Export and Manipulation
LUT Import
LUT Conversion
LUT Generation
LUT Export
LUT Filtering & Manipulation
3D Cube & 1D LUT Views
LUT Preview On User Image
Batch LUT Conversion
Batch Image Processing
ICC Profiles
ICC Profile Generation
Profile to Profile and Profile to Colour Space Matching
Profile to Profile Matching
Profile to Colour Space Matching
LUT Image Capability
Insert User Ref. Image
Export LUT Image
LUT Ripping
ASC CDL, ACES, & ARRI Look Tools
ARRI Looks

Progress Updates

We are now over the Xmas and New Year holidays, and have overcome the serious flu virus that did the rounds and affected all at Light Illusion, and are back up to full development strength.

Obviously, we are behind our hoped-for release schedule, but we are making up lost time as quickly as we can.
We do not have a fixed Beta release date, as it really is impossible to lock-down a viable schedule, but the in-house Alpha versions are looking likely for a initial closed release very soon.

However, we have decided to make a very big change to the underlying code, and are totally re-writing all hardware integration. While this adds more work now, it will enable a lot more future flexibility.

Please feel free to ask any specific questions!

We are also offering advanced purchasing for ColourSpace for any new, or existing, customers.
Please use the Contact Form to request further information.

Steve Shaw

Mob Boss Light Illusion

ColourSpace CMS


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