ColourSpace can be integrated with LG WOLED TVs for accurate Closed Loop display profiling and calibration.

  • ColourSpace Integration
  • Closed Loop Profiling
  • 3D LUT
  • High-level accuracy



LG TV calibration is managed via DeviceControl, in combination with ColourSpace.

DeviceControl provides a number of templates to enable direct integration with LG TVs, enabling ColourSpace generated 3D LUTs to be directly loaded into compatible LG models, as well as the use of the LG's internal Test Patch Generator (iTPG).

Compatible LG TVs include the 2020 BX/CX/GX/WX/ZX, 2019 B9/C9/E9/W9/Z9/R9, 2018 B8/C8/E8/G8/W8, and 2017 B7/C7/E7/G7/W7 models with Technicolor 'Studio' Firmware.

Note: The LG internal TPG is not bit perfect, but as WOLEDs are unstable at HDR levels the errors are not especially critical. For SDR, an external TPG should be used.