Calibration Client

Light Illusion provides its own Java App TPG, which can be used for profiling and calibration of any connected display, including displays connected to Mac and Linux systems.

The Java App Calibration Client TPG can be downloaded via Customer Downloads.

  • ColourSpace Integration
  • Closed Loop Profiling
  • TPG Operation
  • Windows, Mac, & Linux
Customer Downloads

ColourSpace Integration

After downloading, the Calibration Client application can be copied and loaded into any other system (PC/Mac/Linux) running Java to enable calibration of displays over a facility wide network.

To install the application on any PC, Mac, or Linux system, copy the CalibrationClient.jar to the desired system, and run the program directly. The associated batch File and Icon can be used if desired.

With ColourSpace running on its Windows PC, with probe attached, patches can be displayed on any display connected to any other PC/Mac/Linux system on the same network, or on the same PC as ColourSpace using the Java App Calibration Client TPG as an alternative patch generator to the inbuilt ColourSpace patch window, using Extended Desktop as needed.

Note: If using separate PC/Mac/Linux systems to run the Java App, make sure both the LColourSpace PC and the Calibration Client device are connected on the same network. A hardwired ethernet network is preferred, as WiFi connections can suffer interrupts causing sync problems).

Network Server

Initial Setup

  • On the PC/Mac/Linux system connected to the display to be profiled open the Calibration Client, and open ColourSpace
  • Set the desired set-up options via the Settings menu, as required
  • Open a ColourSpace Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select Network Server from the Hardware drop-down list
  • Select Connect, and the IP address and Port details of ColourSpace will populate the info boxes within Network Server Options
  • Within the Calibration Client select Calibration, and enter the network IP address ColourSpace lists within Network Server Options
  • Press Connect to connect the Calibration Client to ColourSpace
  • Within ColourSpace set Calibration Patches to Automatic
  • From the ColourSpace Setting window set Patch Size, Position, BG Colour, Scale & Resolution as required
  • A double click on the Calibration Client window will make the window full screen, and remove the top menu bar
    A double click on the patch window menu bar will make the patch window full size, but with the menu bar still visible

Note: If there are any connection issues check for any Firewall settings preventing connection.

Profiling Operation

To use the Calibration Client as a Patch Generator with ColourSpace navigate to the desired profiling mode - Manual Measure or Display Characterisation.

The output of the Calibration Client will mimic the colour displayed, using the patch settings defined via the Hardware Options and Settings menus.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to ColourSpace, with the Calibration Client displaying the required patches on the display being profiled.


After profiling, a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal within ColourSpace LUT Tools, and used where required, such as within a LUT box, or uploaded directly into a suitable display, or within a grading system, etc.

Calibration Guides

3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration