SDI & mini-DisplayPort LUT Box

Light Illusion is delighted to be a global distributor for the Flanders Scientific BoxIO LUT box.



The FSI BoxIO LUT box supports both 3D and 1D LUTs for accurate display calibration when used in conjunction with LightSpace CMS, as well as on-set Look Management.

The BoxIO LUT box is a SDI input and SDI/mini Displayport output device, compatible with HDMI and DVI devices using an inexpensive passive connector. It is ideal for use with any SDI image workflow path, with SDI or DP/HDMI/DVI display input requirements, making it a perfect for professional operations where precise colour and 'Look' management is required.

The addition of clean loop through SDI outputs mean BoxIO isn't limited to being an 'end of chain' device.

Connections include SDI in, DP and SDI out, and Ethernet/WiFi for LUT uploading.

The silent, fan-less all aluminum design is durable, quiet, and built for 24/7 operation.

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BoxIO Versions

BoxIO comes in two different versions:

BoxIO Versions BoxIO BoxIO Lite SDI
LightSpace CMS (Hover over the icons for additional information)
Connectivity BoxIO Lite SDI
Inputs 2x 3Gbps SDI 1x 3Gbps SDI
SDI Out 2x 3Gbps SDI 2x 3Gbps SDI
Mini-DP Out
Clean Loop Through 2x 3Gbps SDI 1x 3Gbps SDI
LAN / USB / WiFi
4K Signal Support BoxIO Lite SDI
4K 30P 4:2:2 1 BoxIO Unit
4K 30P 4:4:4 2 BoxIO Units
4K 60P 4:2:2 2 BoxIO Units
LUT Support BoxIO Lite SDI
3D and 1D LUT Support
17^3 sided LUTs
33^3 sided LUTs
Operation Modes BoxIO Lite SDI
Output 2 LUTs at once
Output 2 LUTs on 2 separate inputs
Channel Stacking
Set Channel 2's output as the input for Channel 1
Power BoxIO Lite SDI
4pin mini-XLR 12~18V
Power Consumption Approx 7W Approx 7W

LUT Processing

BoxIO uses a pipeline of 3 LUTs, one after another, using an input 1D LUT, followed by a 3D LUTs, with a output 1D LUT at the end of the processing chain.

Input 1D LUT 3D LUT Output 1D LUT
Input LUT 3D LUT Output LUT
The first (input) 1D LUT can be used as a Shaper LUT, or in combination with the 3D LUT for display calibration, with the 1D LUT containing the Gamma and Grey Scale calibration, and the 3D LUT containing the Gamut calibration information. The 3D LUT can be used in isolation, or in combination with the Input 1D LUT for display calibration. LightSpace CMS can be set to upload the combined LUTs, or separately. The back-end (Output) 1D LUT can be used for pre-calibration of display Gamma and Grey Scale, correcting gross differences, before the application of the Input 1D + 3D LUT combination.

Single-Channel Mode

BoxIO (all versions) can operate in a single-channel mode with a switched input. This allows a single-channel at a time to be outputted on the two processed SDI outputs so that your signal can be distributed to two locations from a single BoxIO. In single-channel mode BoxIO supports 33^3 3D LUTs, and up to 16 LUTs can be stored within BoxIO in Single Channel mode, sandwiched between input and output 1D LUTs.



Dual-Channel Mode

Depending on the version in use, BoxIO can apply two separate LUTs to two independent signals at the same time, essentially operating as two LUT boxes in a single device. In dual-channel mode each channel supports 17^3 size 3D LUTs, and up to 32 individual LUTs can be stored within BoxIO in single Channel mode, sandwiched between input and output 1D LUTs.


Depending on the version in use, BoxIO can also apply 2 different LUTs (input 1D, 3D, & output 1D combinations) to one input in dual-channel mode.



Channel Stacking Mode

Depending on the version in use, BoxIO can use Internal Channel Stacking in dual-channel mode, allowing users to select Channel 2's output as the input for Channel 1. This capability has many potential applications including the ability to use a single device for both calibration and real-time look LUTs.

Use a single device for simultaneous use of Calibration and Look LUTs without having to rely on LUT concatenation while supporting both 3D LUTs and input & output 1D LUTs at each step in the signal processing chain.


Features and Options


The BoxIO LUT Box enables 3D calibration and Look LUTs generated via LightSpace CMS to be used for facility display calibration and on-set Look management.

(Features vary depending on the BoxIO version used, as defined in the above comparison matrix)

  • 8bit / 10bit /12bit supported bit depths at 4:4:4, 4:2:2, and 4:2:0
  • 2x 12bit 3Gbps SDI inputs
  • 2x 12bit 3Gbps SDI, 2x 12bit 3Gbps SDI Clean Loop Through, 1x 12bit mini-DisplayPort
  • Ethernet & AdHoc WiFi
  • 720p; 1080i; 1080p; 2048x1080; 3840x2160p, 4096x2160p SDI Formats
  • 1920x1080; 1280x720 DP Formats
  • 33^3 LUT Format for Single Channel operation, plus 1D LUT before & after 3D LUT
  • 17^3 LUT Format for Dual Channel operation, plus 1D LUT before & after 3D LUT
  • DC 12-18V power (AC adapter included)

Please use the above comparison matrix to compare BoxIO capabilities

When combined with LightSpace CMS the BoxIO LUT Box provides very accurate colour management and calibration.

4K Support
Dual BoxIO LUT Boxs

One BoxIO: Up to 4K@30P 4:2:2
Two BoxIO: Up to 4K@60P 4:2:2, and 4K@30P 4:4:4

(Not available with BoxIO Lite SDI)

Additional Technical & Support Info.

Additional Software Required: LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads
User Guides: BoxIO Integration Guide
Manufacturer Information: BoxIO - BoxIO Lite SDI
Manufacturer Downloads: BoxIO Remote Utilities

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