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Latest News From Light Illusion - February '18

Light Illusion is the world's leading provider of colour calibration and colour management solutions for the Film, Post-Production, Broadcast, Home Cinema, and Commercial A/V markets.

Professionals rely on LightSpace CMS

Enhanced Calibration

New Gen3 Colour Engine provides unmatched colour accuracy

LightSpace CMS


Light Illusion is delighted to announce a totally new development of the LightSpace CMS advanced Colour Engine, which is at the heart of the unparalleled calibration accuracy of LightSpace CMS.

In excess of 11 man-months of development work has gone into a total rewrite and enhancement of the advanced algorithms and mathematics that are at the core of the LightSpace Colour Engine, with visible and measurable improvements in all final calibration results.

Although the existing 2nd Generation Colour Engine has already proven to be more accurate, as well as faster, than any alternative calibration system, nothing is ever perfect, and we knew we could do better. And the new Gen3 Colour Engine does just that, enhancing every aspect of LightSpace based calibration.

LightSpace CMS

Extensive Beta Testing has shown significant benefit across the board, with improved grey-scale tracking, better control of blacks & shadows, greater accuracy for skin tones and other memory colours, with greatly reduced Delta-E values overall.

The following graphs show the existing Gen2 Colour Engine vs. the new Gen3. The improved calibration is easy to see, with less random/noisy CIE plots, and greatly improved dE distribution.

LightSpace CMS

LightSpace CMS

LightSpace CMS

Note: This is an OLED display calibrated with an i1D3 probe. For clarity those point below the probe's minimum brightness threshold have been removed from the CIE plots, but are included in the dE Distribution graphs.

With the Gen3 Colour Engine the total volumetric accuracy of any calibration has been greatly improved!

The new LightSpace CMS release, including the new Gen3 Colour Engine, is available for all customers with any LightSpace CMS license via the Downloads page of the Light Illusion website, as normal.

Steve Shaw
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