Colour Science & Calibration Training

Light Illusion's advanced understanding of colour management has enabled many companies to greatly improve their colour offerings, with manufacturer's producing more accurate displays, and post-production and broadcast facilities building improved colour workflows from scene-to-screen.

Advanced Colour Management Training

Colour Workflow Training

Light Illusion provides specialised consultancy & training services for all companies working within the creative fields of digital film and video imaging, including those involved in Production, Post-Production, Broadcast as well equipment manufactures and Light Illusion Resellers and Agents. Calibration is often performed as a single service to check a facility's operation, or as part of a purchase of LightSpace CMS to train new users.

Light Illusion's advanced training courses are based on customer's specific needs and their existing level of understanding. Such training courses are far removed from the 'Basic Training 101' courses often provided, as the training content for each course is unique and interactive, rather than a 'presentation'.

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The Trainers

Training is performed by the two most experienced members of Light Illusion, Neil and Steve, who between them have worked within the film and TV industry for many years, performing a range of services and roles within both production and post production companies, as well as manufacturers, including working with ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), Quantel, Men In White Coats, Cintel, Cinesite, FilmLight, and many more.

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