Calibration Software Trade-ups

At Light Illusion we often have contact from calibration users - both home cinema hobbyists, professional calibrators, and film and TV facilities and studios - complaining that the calibration system they have invested in is not performing as expected. We have always sympathised with such customers, but as the calibration system in question is never LightSpace CMS there has been little we have been able to do.

However, Light Illusion is now delighted to be able to offer a Trade-up path for users of any alternate calibration system, reducing the financial redundancy inherent in a second calibration system investment.

Any purchased calibration software can be used to trade-up to any of the various LightSpace CMS versions - Professional and Home Cinema.

Calibration Software Trade-up Options

Calibration Software Trade-ups

It is possible to trade-up from any purchased alternative calibration software system to any of the various LightSpace CMS versions, simply by providing proof of purchase.

The available Trade-up value depends on the original cost of the alternative calibration system, and the version of LightSpace CMS being upgraded to, but is likely to be between a 25%-50% discount on the quoted 'shop' price of the required LightSpace CMS version.

This Trade-up is available directly from Light Illusion, or from any of our certified Agents and Resellers. Just mention this website page when entering Trade-up discussions.

For further information on any trade-up please use the Contact Light Illusion form.

Trade-up Requirements

To be eligible for a Trade-up you will need to provide proof of purchase for the calibration system to be traded-up from, and associated license information to be passed on to Light Illusion.

Product Support Info.

LightSpace CMS has the best support and lowest level of reported issues of any calibration system, and yet has many 100's of users - professional and enthusiasts. See the Customer List for an overview of users.

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