Ted's LightSpace Calibration Disc

Ted's LightSpace Disk includes patches for display measurement via ColourSpace, as well as numerous patterns for visual display assessment.

  • ColourSpace compatible
  • Multiple calibration sequences
  • DIP & Presets modes
  • Advanced Test Patterns
  • Full Signal Path Verification
  • Blu-Ray, Media Files, ISO Download
  • PGenerator edition



Ted's LightSpace Calibration Disk contains Auto-Sync Chapters that work directly with the in-built patch sequences within ColourSpace, using DIP Mode within Characterisation to sync the disc sequences with ColourSpace.

Any of the non-DIP patch sequences within Ted's disc can be used with ColourSpace using Presets mode within Manual Measure, via a .csv list of the individual patches.

Ted's LightSpace calibration disc is available as a Blu-Ray Disc, Media Files, Blu-Ray ISO Download or PGenerator edition.


Ted's LightSpace Disk includes patches for display measurement via ColourSpace, as well as numerous patterns for visual display assessment.

DIP Mode displays the required patches from the selected sequence using a fixed time per-patch, enabling the two sequences to run in-sync throughout the whole patch duration.

Ted's LightSpace Disk features DIP Mode Chapters with patch durations from 1 second, up to 8 seconds, providing compatibility with all ColourSpace supported probes.

Non-DIP patch sequences use the Presets option within Manual Measure to manually match any individual patch from any patch sequence.

ColourSpace Integration

Ted's LightSpace calibration disc Auto-Sync chapters work with ColourSpace using the Characterisation menu, while all other patch sequences, such as those used by HCFR, Chromapure, and Calman, use Manual Measure via .csv lists.

DIP Mode

DIP Mode, used within the Characterisation menu, uses preset time per patch to play the sequence form within ColourSpace in-sync with the same patch sequence playing back via Ted's disc.

Ted's LightSpace CMS Disc - Characterisation

The same sequences need to be selected for both disc playback, and within ColourSpace, and playback started in-sync, with the correct time-per-patch set based on the slowest measure time of the probe in use.

Should the probe take longer to read than the set time-per-patch, ColourSpace will abort the sequence, and display warning message.

DIP Mode Error


Presets, within the Manual Measure menu, uses a .csv list to define the patch triplets, and any patch colour can be selected by clicking directly on the colour from within the scrollable list.

Ted's LightSpace Disc - Manual Measure

The desired patch set needs to be selected from within Ted's disc, and the corresponding .csv list loaded into the Preset option within ColourSpace. Any desired patch can then be selected for playback from Ted's disc, selected from the ColourSpace list, and measured using a single Measurement, or using Repeat Measurement.

Each individual measurement will build up a ColourSpace profile, enabling any display to be evaluated, based on the individual patches within the patch set. Multiple patch sets can be read one after another, into the same ColourSpace profile, building up ever greater data in the display being measured.


After profiling, a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal within ColourSpace LUT Tools, and used where required, either within a grading system, a LUT box, or uploaded directly into a suitable display.

Calibration Guides

3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration