Discounted Packages

Cost Saving Packages and Specials

Light Illusion's software and hardware can be combined into customer defined packages, with associated savings over the cost of the individual items.

Defining Package Contents

Packages & Special Offers

There are no pre-set packages. Just define the Light Illusion software and hardware you are interested in, and request a Package quotation via the Contact form, or a direct e-mail.

Example Cost Savings

The following table shows some examples of the type of cost savings possible by ordering a a combination Package.

These are just a small selection of example packages. Please Get In Touch with any specific package requirements, and a dedicated quote will be provided.

Software Hardware Hardware-2 Discount
LightSpace XPT CR-100 7%
LightSpace LTE i1 Display Pro OEM 14%
LightSpace PRO CR-100 CR-250RH 3%
LightSpace HTP CR-100 4 %
LightSpace XPT Klein K10-A BoxIO 5%
LightSpace HTL i1 Display Pro OEM 12%
LightSpace CAL i1 Display Pro OEM i1 Pro 2 10%
Any LightSpace Version Any Hardware Any Hardware ??%

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