Discount Packages

Light Illusion's software and hardware can be combined into customer defined packages, with associated savings over the cost of the individual items.

There are no pre-set packages. Just define the Light Illusion software and hardware you are interested in, and request a Package quotatio.

  • Discounted Packages
  • Software & Hardware
  • Can be Combined with Trade-Up Deals
  • Post & Broadcast
  • Home Cinema


Package Discount Examples

Software Hardware Hardware Discount
ColourSpace XPT CR-100 7%
ColourSpace LTE i1 Display Pro OEM 12%
ColourSpace PRO CR-100 CR-250RH 3%
ColourSpace HTP CR-100 4%
ColourSpace XPT Klein K10-A BoxIO 5%
ColourSpace HTL i1Display Pro OEM 10%
ColourSpace CAL i1Display Pro OEM i1Pro 3 8%
Any Software Any Hardware Any Hardware ??%