Calibration Reports are a critical component of any calibration, and the ColourSpace Reports capability is extremely powerful, allowing users to design layouts, either from the provided examples, or totally from scratch.

Just about everything within Reports can be user modified, including company logo, and different templates generated and saved for quick access, for individual Calibration Reports, Before & After, and more.


Calibration Reports

The Calibration Reports layout design is fully flexible, and calibrators can define any look required, including the ability to use accented and special characters, enabling any language to be used within the reports.

The following are just two examples of before/after layouts, included within the Customer Downloads example templates, using Light Illusion's own logo, which can be replaced with any alternative image as required.

Before & After Portrait Report
Before & After Landscape Report - Light Graph Backgrounds
Before & After Landscape Report - Alternative with Dark Graph Backgrounds
Verification Report Landscape - Light Graph Backgrounds
Verification Reprot
Verification Report

The Calibration Reporting option within ColourSpace enables either pre-built, or user generated templates, to be used to define layouts for display profile reports. A selection of pre-built templates can be downloaded via the Customer Downloads page, and can be used as the basis for additional template design. The download also includes a detailed PDF listing all the Profile Tokens and Markup Language used within Reports.

Template Design

ColourSpace Report Templates use a combination of Template Blocks, with Profile Tokens used to extract data from any given profile, combined with a HTML based Markup Language, and plain text. All can be combined to design Report Layouts.

Reports Template Editor
Reports Template Editor

For more detailed operational information see the Interactive ColourSpace Manual section on Reporting, as well as the Customer Downloads example templates and associated user guides.