The Qalif Spectro is a portable spectroradiometer, with a 2nm bandwidth.

  • ColourSpace INF/XPT/PRO & HTX/HTP
  • 2nm Spectral Bandwidth
  • Laser Pointer
  • 0.01 to 9000 cd/m2
  • Integrated touch screen

ColourSpace Integration

As with all probes, operation and function is controlled via the Probe Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window, with the left-hand side of the menu providing generic probes settings, and the right-hand side settings specific to the Qalif


Integration Time

When the Settings drop-down is set to Fix, Integration Time sets the integration time for any given reading, in milliseconds.


Calibration Settings provides generic probe settings.

Fix or Automatic Integration Time

The Drop-down menu provides access to the Integration Time options for the Qalif.
Automatic disables the Integration Time slider, leaving the Qalif in Auto mode. Fix enables the Integration Time slider to set a specific value.
Automatic Integration is the default, and will vary integration time based on the measured brightness.

Average Low Light

Average Low Light is a probe generic option, that averages multiple readings in low-light situations using an advanced algorithm built into ColourSpace. The algorithm varies based on the probe in use to provide the best possible results.
Average Low Light should not need to be used when Intelligent Integration is active.

Enable Visible Feedback

Enable Visible Feedback enables the inbuilt laser pointer, assisting with probe alignment when profiling screens from a distance.

Probe Adjustments

Probe Adjustments are generic probes settings, with consistent operation regardless of the probe in use.

Configure Matching

Probe Matching is really unnecessary with the Qalif, as it is a Spectroradiometer.
The options is provided on a Why Not basis...


Probe Offset enables a user to manually enter offset values for different probes/display combinations.
Perceptual Colour Match is a preferable approach.

Extra Delay

Extra Delay sets a delay time after the patch has changed before probe measurement starts, and can be set automatically via the Auto button, and manages signal path delays in the image pipeline.
When using the Auto option, Average Low Light should not be enabled.

Additional Info.

ColourSpace Integrated Probe Matching