PGenerator is a Raspberry Pi based patch generator that enables the generation of calibration patches for the measurement and profiling of any display via an HDMI connection, developed by Riccardo Biasiotto.

As PGenerator can be controlled directly by LightSpace CMS it can generate any required colour patches, either as a managed sequence for automated profiling, or manually selected for manual display calibration adjustment.


Raspberry Pi

PGenerator can be used with LightSpace ZRO, the free license version of LightSpace CMS, enabling verification of any screen parameters on any connected device.

With PGenerator any HDMI display can be profiled via LightSpace CMS, with report generation providing a record of the screen's capabilities.

£ Variable (The cost depends on the Raspberry Pi you purchase!)

Supported Raspberry Pi models include Pi 2 Model B; Pi 3 Model B; Pi 3 model B+.
Pi 4 is presently NOT supported.
For operational information see the User Guide page.

Support for PGenerator is provided via the Light Illusion Forums.

LightSpace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced 3D LUT based display calibration, and the patch generator is a key component of any 3D LUT generation. PGenerator enables LightSpace CMS to be used to measure and profile any HDMI connected display for accurate calibration.

PGenerator Features & Operation

PGenerator is based on the Raspberry Pi, using software developed by Riccardo Biasiotto for patch generation under control of LightSpace CMS, via the Network Manager.

To setup a Raspberry Pi to work as a PGenerator follow these steps:

  • Download the PGenerator ISO file from Downloads page, and unzip the compressed .7z file
  • Download Etcher and install it
  • Connect an SD card reader with the Raspberry Pi SD card inside
  • Open Etcher and navigate to the PGenerator .img file to be written to the SD card
  • Select the SD card to write to, and click 'Flash!' to begin writing the PGenerator Image to the SD card
  • When finished, place the SD card into the RPi

The initial ISO is now complete, but may need updating.

  • Download PuTTY
  • Open, and select connection type as 'SSH'
  • Enter 'PGenerator' as Hostname, and leave Port at the default 22
    (If the Host Name doesn't connect, enter the PGenerator's IP address, which can be found via DeviceControl)
  • Click 'Open'
    (Ignore any pop-up Warning, and accept by pressing 'Yes')
  • Log in: root and and Password: PGenerator!!$
    (The Password is not displayed as you type it)
  • Enter 'pkg_update' and hit Return

PGenerator will update automatically if an update is available, and when finished is now ready for operation, and can be used directly with LightSpace via the Network Control Manager, or managed via DeviceControl.
Please see the PGenerator User Guide for further information.

Supported LightSpace CMS versions

PGenerator is compatible with all LightSpace CMS license versions.

  • LightSpace XPT
  • LightSpace PRO
  • LightSpace CAL
  • LightSpace LTE
  • LightSpace HTP
  • LightSpace HTL
  • LightSpace ZRO (Free)
  • LightSpace 3-Day Rental

Additional Technical & Support Info.

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