Patch Generation

Patch Generation is the process of displaying, in turn, a selection of colour and greyscale patches to enable profiling of any given display, allowing the underlying display capabilities to be assessed.

There are many different methods for patch generation, many involving costly hardware, but in reality patch generation can be done very cheaply, and even for free, especially when using the unique DIP (Display Independent Profiling) capability of LightSpace CMS.

Patch Generation Options

LightSpace CMS Display Calibration

With LightSpace CMS, patch generation can be performed in many different ways, from the use of external patch generators, through disc based (DVD/Blu-ray) sources, to user generated Movie files, to direct HDMI connection from the LightSpace CMS PC. Such options ensure any any display within any industry sector, including Home Cinema, can be accurately calibrated without large additional expense.

Light Illusion was the first calibration software supplier to verify that direct HDMI output from PCs using Intel graphics chip sets, and Nvidia graphics cards provided bit-accurate HDMI output for patch generation. This is often the simplest and cheapest way to perform accurate display calibration.

Uniquely, LightSpace CMS also provides a DIP mode (Display Independent Profiling) mode, which enables real-time video clips to be used for patch generation, such as Ted's fantastic LightSpace CMS Calibration Disc, available from, or for any user to generate their own Movie file, using the 'Patch Export' functions from with LightSpace CMS.

The following table outlines the different options and capabilities.

Patch Generator Direct HDMI madVR TPG Calibration Disc User Image Sequence DI Grading System Dedicated Hardware Direct Display Profiling LightSpace Connect
Features (Hover over the icons for additional information)
Closed Loop Mode
DIP - Display Independent Profiling Mode
Variable Profiling Speed
Full Signal Path Calibration
Additional Hardware Requirement
Supported LightSpace CMS Versions
Additional Cost

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