Osee Monitor User Guide

LightSpace CMS can be used with Osee's range of displays with 3D LUT capability for accurate display profiling and LUT generation, enabling full Closed Loop display calibration.

The following instructions are for calibration of Osee Displays via LightSpace CMS, with the generated 3D LUT manually uploaded into the display via Osee's own software.

Osee Displays with 3D LUT Capability

Osee Calibration

At the time of writing some Osee displays include 3D LUT capability, while others in the Osee range do not. We suggest checking with Osee directly before a display purchase is made if intending to calibrate accurately via LightSpace CMS to verify 3D LUT capability.

Due to limitations with Osee displays only Patch Generation for display profiling is fully integrated. LUT Upload must be performed with Osee's own software.

Initial Setup

Calibration of the Osee range of displays with 3D LUT capability using LightSpace CMS is as follows, with the use of Osee's own software for final LUT upload into the display.

  • Connect the Osee display to the LightSpace PC via a dedicated network and Ethernet cable
  • Start the Osee display
  • Navigate to File/Upload, and select the Osee option from the 'Select the device type' drop-down window
  • Using the 'Calibration Patches' option select Full to enable patch display operation
  • Close the LightSpace CMS 'Upload' window
Osee Upload

The Upload menu is located under 'File/Upload'.

Note: The Osee display communication can unfortunately be rather flakey. If you cannot connect, or the connection is not reliable, power down the Osee display and disconnect the power lead, and go have a cup of tea. You need to allow the Osee hardware to lose all potential voltage before re-powering the display. After a reasonable period of time the Osee display can be re-powered, and with luck all will work correctly. If any further issues are found, run the power down cycle again until communication can be attained reliably.

Profiling Operation

To activate the internal Patch Generator within the Osee display navigate to the desired profiling mode within LightSpace CMS - Calibration Interface, or Display Characterisation.

When the patch window is activate within LightSpace (the LightSpace CMS internal floating patch window has been made active by clicking the small colour display box when using Quick Profiling or Manual Measure modes) the internal patch generator within the Osee display will mimic the colour displayed.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to LightSpace, with the Osee display displaying the required patches during profiling.


After profiling, a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal in the required Osee .cube format, and uploaded directly into the Osee display via Osee's own software.

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