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Latest News From Light Illusion - September '23

Light Illusion is the world's leading provider of colour calibration and colour management solutions for the Film, Post-Production, Broadcast, Home Cinema, Commercial A/V, and Medical markets.

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Image Sequence Probe

Image Sequence Probe

Light Illusion has just released a major new update for ColourSpace, that includes a very unique capability called an Image Sequence Probe.

As usual, the updates are available free to all users via the Customer Downloads page of the website.

The Image Sequence Probe is very unique, and has many applications, from Virtual Set calibration, to film profile generation via telecine or film scanner transfers, and is available within ColourSpace PRO/XPT/INF license levels.

The Image Sequence Probe effectively enables cameras, scanners, telecines, and more, to be used as virtual probes.

The concept behind the Image Sequence Probe is exceptionally simple, and at the same time extremely powerful. Any image patch sequence can be used with the Image Sequence Probe, as all images have an expected target colour space.

This means any signal path can be used to generate patch image sequences, from a camera recording patches from any display device, to images generated via telecine from film scans, or any graphics program directly generating patch images - basically, any workflow that generates patch images!

  • Virtual Set Calibration
  • Film Looks LUT Generation
  • Camera Profiling
  • Camera Matching
  • Any Patch Sets

As should be obvious from the above, any patch sequence can be used with the Image Sequence Probe, leading to a huge range of possible applications.

With the ability for any colour space to be user defined as the target against which the patch sets are referenced, the possibilities really are unrestricted.

For more information see the Image Sequence Probe page of the website.

Steve Shaw
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