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Latest News From Light Illusion - Oct. '15

Light Illusion is the de-facto standard for colour management within the Film, Post-Production, and Broadcast industries, guaranteeing image accuracy and consistency at all levels, and uniquely supports Home Cinema at the same professional level, enabling home users to match professional colour accuracy.

Professionals rely on LightSpace CMS

New Features and New Capabilities

LightSpace CMS

Light Illusion continues to release multiple new developments for LightSpace CMS - the most advanced, and yet simple to use display calibration system available for both professional and home cinema users.

Uniquely, as Light Illusion has no yearly Maintenance Contracts, all new features and developments are provided free to existing customers.

New User Guides
To go along with the new features and capabilities two new User Guides have been made available, which provide Step-By-Step instructions for both Manual Display Calibration, as well as 3D LUT Display Calibration.

ACES Workflows
Viable ACES workflows are proving to be rather more difficult for users to get to grips with than many would like. With LightSpace CMS there are many ACES based tools and capabilities that can be used to define user specific workflows, including LMT's (Look Management Transforms), made possible through Working with ACES & LightSpace CMS.

Free Look LUTs
Using the standard capabilities of LightSpace CMS Light Illusion has generated a selection of Free Look LUTs that can be downloaded directly from the website. The LUTs include Film Emulation for Log and TV Legal images, as well as an ACES based LUT for use with ARRI Log footage.

This new release of LightSpace CMS will be available to all users via the normal download procedure in a matter of days. An open Beta version can be provided on request.

All Flanders Scientific displays are factory calibrated via LightSpace CMS

"Light Illusion's LightSpace CMS is incredibly powerful while remaining extremely easy to use. It excels at meeting our very stringent calibration needs at Flanders Scientific while remaining easy enough for virtually any user to implement, regardless of previous calibration experience"
Bram Desmet


Trade-Up to Professional Calibration

Light Illusion has been astounded by the take-up volume for its offer of a Trade-up path for users of any alternate calibration system, reducing the financial redundancy inherent in a second calibration system investment.

Any purchased calibration software can be used as a Calibration Software Trade-up to any of the various LightSpace CMS versions - Professional and Home Cinema.

No On-Going Yearly Costs

Unlike alternative calibration systems LightSpace CMS has no additional or yearly fees. One payment and the license is valid for life, including all software revision updates for all options purchased.

Over the life of the product that amounts to a considerable cost saving!

Light Illusion Forums

We also have open user Forums where all aspects of colour management can be discussed.
Please feel free to ask any question there!

Steve Shaw
+44 (0)7765 400 908
Skype: shaw.clan

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