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Latest News From Light Illusion - March '19

Light Illusion is the world's leading provider of colour calibration and colour management solutions for the Film, Post-Production, Broadcast, Home Cinema, Commercial A/V, and Medical markets.

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ColourSpace CMS

LightSpace CMS

Light Illusion is excited to announce the development of ColourSpace CMS, taking display calibration and colour management to the next level.

Building on the unmatched capabilities of Light Illusion's existing calibration system - LightSpace CMS - ColourSpace is a ground-up, totally new product development that far exceeds the capabilities of any previous or present calibration system.

The most visually impressive capabilities within ColourSpace CMS revolve around the unique graphics capabilities, combined with interactive data manipulation, with 3D CIE, XYZ, and normalised Colour Space Graphs, including Error Tangent lines and colour coded measurement points.

ColourSpace CMS

ColourSpace CMS

ColourSpace CMS

This advanced announcement shows work-in-progress, with the first release expected to be later this year.

ColourSpace Upgrade

From Jan. 1st 2019 all new purchases of LightSpace CMS, and any upgrades from one license level of LightSpace to another (for example, LightSpace LTE to LightSpace PRO, or LightSpace HTL to LightSpace HTP), will automatically be upgraded to ColourSpace CMS when released.

For LightSpace licenses purchase before Jan. 1st 2019 there will be a very good Trade-up Discount scheme available, based on the age of the existing LightSpace CMS license.

Full terms and conditions of the Trade-up Discounts will be discussed when ColourSpace is released.

Note: LightSpace is NOT being discontinued, and no users will be forced into jumping to ColourSpace, unless they choose to do so.

ColourSpace CMS will become the new de-facto standard for advanced colour management, guaranteeing the highest possible level of display calibration and colour control, regardless of final application.

ColourSpace Time-Scales

While we are finalising the development of ColourSpace, the ColourSpace website page will be kept updated with information as it becomes available.

Release time-scales have not been fixed, and although we are hoping for sooner rather than later, the last 10% of product development always seems to take an inordinately long time, compared to the previous 90% development...

Other News

LightSpace CMS v10 has just been released, and includes a range of new features and capabilities, including Remote Control & Secondary Execution, which enables third party programs to take control of LightSpace, as well as integration with DeviceControl for 1D and 3D LUT calibration of LG's C8 TVs.

Calman Home Enthusiast has been announced as being 'End Of Life', and our partner www.displaycalibrations.com are running a 'Special' for existing Calman Enthusiast users to Trade-Up to LightSpace/ColourSpace for a very special March Only discounted price.

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