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Latest News From Light Illusion - July. '16

Light Illusion is the world's leading provider of colour calibration and colour management solutions for the Film, Post-Production, Broadcast, Home Cinema, and Commercial A/V markets.

Professionals rely on LightSpace CMS

New Update - LightSpace CMS v7.1.4

LightSpace CMS

As is usual for Light Illusion's continued development process for LightSpace CMS a raft of new developments have been released today, and include:

  • Added new Colour Engine algorithms for poor gamut display calibration
    (Fit Chroma and Fix Chroma use the new Colour Engine)
  • Added Murido SIX-G integration
  • Added further Prisma LUT Box integration
    (Additional Prisma integration will be added in the next release)
  • Changed the way Probe Connect/Disconnect works
    (To make the process more robust)
  • Fixed crash when using CDL Convert menu
  • Corrected Batch LUT Conversion issue with 'browse to folder' missing
  • Fixed potential issue if probe still finishing a measurement when 'Options' selected

LightSpace CMS

Fit Chroma & Fix Chroma
Fix Chroma and Fit Chroma use totally new Colour Engine algorithms in generating the final LUT, and offer a potentially superior calibration alternative for displays that have good RGB channel separation (low cross-coupling), or for displays that prove difficult to calibrate via Peak Chroma or Peak Luma, specifically if the display has a gamut that is significantly lower than the target colour space (such as calibrating to Rec2020).

All new features and developments are provided free to existing customers, continuing Light Illusion's approach of no additional costs or yearly support fees for all its software systems.

Pay once for a lifetime's use!

The new LightSpace CMS release can be downloaded HERE.

i1 Display Pro Probe Support

LightSpace CMS

If you are looking to use an existing i1D3 probe from the following list, please use the contact form via www.displaycalibrations.com to ask for assistance.

  • i1 Display Pro Retail
  • ColorMunki Display
  • HP DreamColor
  • SpectraCAL C6
  • NEC SpectraSensor Pro
  • Quato Silver Haze 3

Trade-Up to Professional Calibration

Light Illusion offers a Trade-up path for users unhappy with the results they are getting from any alternate calibration system, reducing the financial redundancy inherent in a second calibration system investment.

LightSpace CMS

Any purchased calibration software can be used as a Calibration Software Trade-up to any of the various LightSpace CMS versions - Professional and Home Cinema.

No On-Going Yearly Costs

Unlike alternative calibration systems LightSpace CMS has no additional or yearly fees. One payment and the license is valid for life, including all software revision updates for all options purchased.

LightSpace CMS

Over the life of the product that amounts to a considerable cost saving!

Seen a Cheaper Price?

LightSpace CMS

Light Illusion will always strive to match any valid price quoted by any alternative supplier. This price match promise further enhances Light Illusion's renowned and unmatched customer support.

Light Illusion Forums

We also have open user Forums where all aspects of colour management can be discussed.
Please feel free to ask any question there!

Steve Shaw
+44 (0)7765 400 908
Skype: shaw.clan

Light Illusion

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