MatchLight IMS

MatchLight IMS is an Image Matching System for Windows, Mac, and Linux, that enables LUTs to be automatically generated by the direct comparison of two or more images, creating a LUT that matches the before image to the after.

LUTs are a standard part of any image based workflow, including on-line, off-line and on-set. The problem many operations face is the ability to match previous grades, or take grades and apply them as 'Looks' on-set or during off-line editing. MatchLight IMS software allows a LUT to be automatically generated from a selection of 'before' and 'after' images, enabling the same 'Look' to be applied elsewhere.


MatchLight IMS Image Matching System

MatchLight IMS can generate LUTs automatically from 2 or more images - original and graded versions - with MatchLight automatically using the difference between the two to generate the LUT.

The LUTs generated can be loaded into LightSpace CMS for LUT format conversion, or into SpaceMan ICC to generate ICC profiles.

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Cinematography is where a lot of creative material starts its life, and there are some very specific issue to overcome, form on-set look management through the use of LightSpace CMS generated LUTs, to a need to match the images captured via different cameras.

MatchLight IMS is an Image Matching System that enables LUTs to be automatically generated by the direct comparison of two or more images captured from different cameras, and create LUTs that therefore match one camera image to another.

Image and Camera Matching

Another application MatchLight IMS has been used for to great effect is the generation of Film Emulation, or Look, LUTs to enable digital captured imagery to 'feel' more like traditional film captured footage.

A good example are the ImpulZ and Osiris LUTs from visionColor, as well as LUTs from LookLabs, as well as the colour services provided by TrueColor.

visionColor LUTs
LookLabs LUTs

Additional Technical & Support Info.

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10 - Mac - Linux
PC Requirements: Minimal - 2Gig Ram Laptop, with HDMI
User Guides: MatchLight IMS User Guide
MatchLight IMS Demo: Downloads

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