Look LUTs

Light Illusion has generated a selection of three Look LUTs that can be downloaded for use in different graphics systems.

The LUTs include True Film Emulation for Cineon/Log C & TV Legal Rec709 images, as well as an additional LUT generated via ACES data, also for Log C images.

  • Three different Look LUTs
  • Artefact free
  • Accurate Emulation
  • Kodak Vision Film Emulation for Log footage
  • Kodak Vision Film Emulation for TV Legal footage
  • ARRI Log C Look LUT based on ACES data


(Free to existing ColourSpace users)


The Film Emulation Look LUTs come in a package of formats that can be used in many different grading and graphics systems, as well as a range of displays and LUT boxes, and expect the underlying image to be corrected for a Rec709 display, with the image either being a LOG gamma image, as defined by the standard Cineon video Log format (which is basically ARRI Log C), or have a gamma of 2.4, both with a Rec709 gamut. If you have source images that are of a different gamut or gamma (say, raw camera images that have proprietary gamma and gamut values), they will need to be corrected to match Rec709 gamut with Log C or 2.4 gamma to attain the correct end result.

If required, the Camera Options of ColourSpace can be used to generate a technical correction LUT to map any images into the correct Rec709 and/or ARRI Log C colour spaces, or conversely, can convert the Look LUTs into the correct colour space for the camera images being used.


The three Look LUTs are supplied in a number of standard formats.

  • ARRI .3dl
  • Scratch .3dl
  • Autodesk .3dl
  • Flame .3dl
  • Lustre .3dl
  • Smoke .3dl
  • Resolve .cube
  • FSI .dat
  • Mistika .itx
  • Nucoda .cms
  • Nuke .3dl
  • Quantel .txt
  • Sony .lut
  • TVlogic .lut

LUT Information

The film profiles built into ColourSpace, which form the basis for the Look LUTs - Kodak Vision 2383, Kodak Premier 2393, and Fuji Super F-CP 3510 - are based on real film colourimetry data, measured from the specific film stocks using a highly accurate hybrid spectroradiometer & densitometer combined with an extremely stable and fully automated stepper motor controlled film transport system.

Both the film measurement system and film transport are Light Illusion developed, and have provided the majority of the film emulation data used by the world's leading studios, film labs, post-production facilities, and companies those providing genuine film emulation LUTs.

The provided Free LUTs are based on the Kodak Vision film profile built into ColourSpace, as defined in the Look LUTs Design page.

LUT Generation Guide

Look LUTs Design

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