LightSpace PRO

LightSpace PRO provides professionals accurate calibration of grading displays, and is compatible with all known DI system LUT format, as well as displays and LUT boxes.

LightSpace PRO allows for the profiling and calibration of any display connected to any grading system, and can work with with all compatible probes. LightSpace PRO will import and export all LUT formats, and will integrate with all LightSpace CMS compatible LUT boxes and displays.


LightSpace PRO Display Calibration

LightSpace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.

LightSpace CMS is the only colour management system to meet all these criteria, providing fully integrated facility-wide colour management for on-set, post-production, and broadcast workflows. Uniquely, a single LightSpace CMS license can provide total facility-wide calibration capabilities, without the need for multiple systems or a 'floating' license.

£1,875.00 ex. VAT

No Annual Fees
Light Illusion charges no yearly maintenance fees on any of its software products. No Annual Fees
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Combined Packages

Special 'Package' deals are available for Hardware and Software combination purchases, offering additional discount over the individual item prices.

Such package deals are a perfect combination for those looking for serious colour management, colour workflow, and calibration capabilities.

LightSpace PRO Features

Features Availability
Gamut & Gamma Options (Hover over the icons for additional information)
Colour Spaces
Camera Profiles
Display Profiling Capability
Manual Measure
Quick Profiling
Cube Profiling
Closed-Loop Profiling
DIP Mode Profiling
Profile Through Active LUT
Patch Generation Capability
Inbuilt Patch Generator
Network Patch Generator
External Patch Generator
Profile Reporting
Profile Graphs
Profile Report PDF Export
Probe Integration and Configuration
Probe Integration
Probe Matching Capability
Probe Offset Capability
LUT Box Compatibility
LUT Box Direct Integration
LUT Box Compatibility
Display Integration
Direct Display Integration
Display Compatibility
Software System Integration
Software System Compatibility
Remote Processing
Remote Control
Secondary Execution
LUT Import, Conversion, Generation, Export and Manipulation
LUT Import
LUT Conversion
LUT Generation
LUT Export
LUT Filtering & Manipulation
3D Cube & 1D LUT Views
LUT Preview On User Image
Batch LUT Conversion
Batch Image Processing
Profile to Profile and Profile to Colour Space Matching
Profile to Profile Matching
Profile to Colour Space Matching
LUT Image Capability
Insert User Ref. Image
Export LUT Image
LUT Ripping
ASC CDL, ACES, & ARRI Look Tools
ARRI Looks

LightSpace Version Upgrades

Any version of LightSpace CMS can be Upgraded to any other version at any time, enabling users to add to their LightSpace CMS software capabilities as and when needed. For example, upgrading to a LightSpace CMS license with calibration capabilities from a previously purchased LightSpace LUTs+ license.
See Upgrades & Licensing.

LightSpace CMS - Which version is right for you?

LightSpace XPT
LightSpace XPT

LightSpace XPT is the 'Expert' version of LightSpace CMS, and combines all other versions and capabilities into the single most capable calibration, colour workflow, and look management system available.

More info

£2,175.00 ex. VAT

No Annual Fees
LightSpace PRO
LightSpace PRO

LightSpace PRO is the standard LightSpace CMS version for advanced colour management, for those that do not require Batch LUT Processing, LUT Burn-in for image sequences, and ARRI/ACES/CDL tools.

£1,875.00 ex. VAT

No Annual Fees
LightSpace CAL
LightSpace CAL

LightSpace CAL provides all the tools necessary for advanced display calibration, and supports all LUT formats and all displays types, and integrates with a selected range of probes.

More info

£1,275.00 ex. VAT

No Annual Fees
LightSpace LTE
LightSpace LTE

LightSpace LTE is the starting level for professionals looking for accurate calibration of their facility displays, and provides the tools necessary for display calibration of selected displays and systems via a selected range of probes.

More info

£525.00 ex. VAT

No Annual Fees

Additional Technical & Support Info.

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
PC Requirements: Minimal - 2Gig Ram Laptop, with HDMI
Mac Operation: Via a Virtual Machine or Boot Camp
User Guides: Software User Guides
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads

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