LightSpace Connect

LightSpace Connect is a MacOS, Android, and iOS App that enables the generation of calibration patches for the measurement and profiling of any Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet screen, as well as display connect to MacOS PCs.

LightSpace Connect can also be used on any TV or other display/monitor through the use of Screen Mirroring, MHL Cable, AirPlay, FireTV device, Apple Digital AV Adaptor, Chromecast, etc.

  • MacOS, Android, & iOS
  • Android phones, tablets, & Chromecast
  • Amazon FireTV & Fire Tablets
  • iPhone, iPad & AppleTV
  • MacOS PCs
  • Screen Mirroring, AirPlay, & MHL Cable
  • ColourSpace, LightSpace, & Calman compatible


LightSpace Connect can be used with any ColourSpace version, including ColourSpace ZRO, the free license version of ColourSpace, enabling verification of any screen parameters on any connected device.

As LightSpace Connect is controlled directly by ColourSpace it can generate any required colour patches, either as a managed sequence for automated profiling, or manually selected for manual display calibration adjustment.

LightSpace Connect is compatible with LightSpace, ColourSpace, & Calman.


LightSpace Connect can be installed on any compatible Android or iOS device for direct device screen measuring and profiling, and can measure/profile any external TV or display/monitor, using screen mirroring or a hardware adapter, such as USB-C to HDMI, as needed.

When profiling an external TV or display/monitor, using a hardware cable connection (via a hardware adapter if required) is preferable to screen mirroring, as there is less signal delay, although any form of screen mirroring will work.

Additionally, being an Android and iOS App it is possible to load the App onto any compatible device, including Amazon FireTV and Chromecast devices, offering a greater range of display measurement and profiling possibilities.


The free version of LightSpace Connect has a 25 patch limit, so is suitable for manual measurements and manual calibration.

For greater automated profiling, with larger patch sets a license will need to be purchased in-app.
A large patch set license can be purchased for LightSpace/ColourSpace use, as well as for Calman.

An additional license can be purchased for in-built test images.

ColourSpace Integration

LightSpace Connect operation and function is controlled via the Network Server within the the Hardware Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window.

LightSpace Connect

Initial Setup

Make sure both the ColourSpace laptop and the LightSpace Connect app device are connected on the same WiFi network.

  • Open a ColourSpace Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select Network Server from the Hardware drop-down list
  • Select Connect, and the IP address and Port details of ColourSpace will populate info boxes within Network Server Options
  • Open the LightSpace Connect app, which enables the Automatic connect mode, and a connection will be made with the connect IP address shown in the Connected Clients area
    (Manual connect mode can be used if there are issues with Automatic mode)
  • Within ColourSpace set Calibration Patches to Automatic
  • From the ColourSpace Setting window set Patch Size, Position, BG Colour, Scale & Resolution as required

As soon as the Calibration Patches are set to Automatic LightSpace Connect will display the patch colour as defined within the ColourSpace Manual Measure and Characterisation menus.

Profiling Operation

Navigate to the desired profiling mode within ColourSpace - Manual Measure, or Characterisation - and the LightSpace Connect patch generator will mimic the colour displayed within ColourSpace.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to the ColourSpace laptop, with LightSpace Connect displaying the required patches on the mobile device screen, or connected TV/display/monitor.

TV Legal Workflows

Some LightSpace Connect devices (such as Chromecast) may need rescaling for TV Legal ranges when profiling. This can be performed using the Patch Scale function within the Settings menu to re-scale the colour patches as required.

To gauge if a rescaling is needed use the Manual Measure menu, and use the Patch Colour function to toggle the patch output colour between a 0,0,0 black patch, and dark grey up to a value of 16,16,16. If there is NO visible or measurable difference between the two patches a rescaling will be required as the output signal is being clipped.
Note: using a small patch size, with a grey value of 16,16,16, on top of a 0,0,0 black background can be a quick way to see if there is clipping happening.

Calibration Guides

3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration