LightDensity XYZ

LightDensity Film Density Management

LightDensity XYZ enables customers with their own stand-alone densitometer to convert density readings into XYZ profile data for use in building LUTs via LightSpace CMS.


LightDensity Film Density Management

The maths behind density to profile data is no simple conversion, and for best results both the neg. Status-M and print Status-A density data is used in generating the final XYZ profile data, combined with a mathematical profile of the film projector lamp, etc.

Measuring film density accurately is key for generation of the final calibration LUT, and care must be taken when measuring the film flats with a hand operated densitometer. For the most accurate film density measuring a fully automated system is recommend, and the SCD Stepper Controlled Densitometer system can be purchased from Light Illusion for this purpose.

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Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
PC Requirements: None - any Windows PC
Mac Operation: Via a Virtual Machine or Boot Camp
User Guides: LightDensity XYZ User Guide
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