LightDensity enables customers with their own stand-alone densitometer to convert density readings into XYZ profile data for use in building Film Emulation and Look LUTs via ColourSpace.

  • SpecTD & SCD integration
  • 310T integration
  • Film Emulation LUTs
  • Look LUTs
  • ColourSpace compatible




The maths behind density to profile data is no simple conversion, and for best results both the neg. Status-M and print Status-A density data is used in generating the final XYZ profile data, combined with a mathematical profile of a film projector lamp, etc.

Measuring film density accurately is key for generation of the final calibration LUT, and care must be taken when measuring the film flats with a hand operated densitometer. For the most accurate film density measuring a fully automated system is recommend, and the SCD Stepper Controlled Densitometer system can be purchased from Light Illusion for this purpose.

Additional Info.

LightDensity User Manual