LG Monitors

ColourSpace can be integrated with select LG UltraFine monitors for accurate Closed Loop display profiling and calibration.

  • ColourSpace INF/XPT/PRO/CAL/LTE
  • Closed Loop Profiling
  • 3D LUT
  • High-level accuracy
  • Inbuilt TPG Operation

The LG UltraFine 32EP950, 27EP950, 32BP95E, and 27BP95E are presently the only LG monitors with 3D LUTs accessible by ColourSpace, and are therefore are the only LG monitors that can be calibrated via ColourSpace.

ColourSpace Integration

LG UltraFine monitor operation and function is controlled via the Hardware Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window.

LG Monitors

Initial Setup

Both SDR and HDR calibration of LG monitors is supported. All Picture Modes are available, and can be accessed - but the Calibration Picture Mode is the recommended option for any end user calibration, for the reasons defined below.

  • Connect the LG monitor to the ColourSpace laptop via a USB connection, as well as a direct video connection with valid signal, and start ColourSpace
  • Set the desired ColourSpace set-up options via the Settings menu, as required
  • Open a Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select LG Pro from the Hardware drop-down list
  • Select Connect
  • From the LG Pro Options, select the required Picture Mode for calibration
    (The Calibration Picture Mode is recommended for all calibration)
  • To make sure there is no existing calibration data active within the selected Picture Mode, select Unity Bypass from the Select LUT option, and press Upload
  • Set the Peak Brightness mode as required - Normal for SDR, and High or Very High for HDR
    (Note: OLED monitors can suffer from burn in, especially at high luminance levels)
  • Set the monitor's actual Peak Luma using the Interactive Controls while taking interactive measurements via the Manual Measure menu
    (The desired target value will depend on the accuracy of the white point colour temperature)
  • Using Calibration Patches select the desired patch option to use for profiling
    (If Custom patch sizes are available they are set via the ColourSpace Settings window)

Potentially, when Unity Bypass data is Uploaded all monitor settings will be nullified. Should it be desired that different LUTs and other settings remain as defined, upload a real Bypass LUT (generated via LUT Tools/LUT Management/New), as that will only null the relevant LUTs, as selected. Alternatively, reset any necessary settings, such as Brightness/Contrast/Black-Level, after the Unity Bypass data Upload.

Calibration Limitations

The main Calibration picture mode is, well, the Calibration mode, although any available Picture Mode can be calibrated with some limitations.

After calibration, the selected Picture Mode will be be locked-out of further adjustments from the on-screen GUI, etc., and therefore calibrating the preset picture modes may not be desirable if manual alterations to the display settings is required.

To enable GUI access again, the Picture Mode will will need to be reset via the monitors GUI menu, or potentially a factory reset.

The pre-set (HDR) Picture Modes are based on calibration to a power law EOTF, using a Gamma 2.2 value, with the peak Luminance being set to an expected value depending on the Peak Brightness option used. After calibration to Gamma 2.2, a preset PQ conversion, or HLG EOTF, is applied, including Tone Mapping roll-off for PQ EOTFs.
Using the Calibration Picture Mode, a standard PQ EOTF calibration can be performed, with Tone Mapping applied, or not, within ColourSpace LUT Generation, as normal.

The Custom picture mode provides the panel's native response, and while it can be customised using the on-screen GUI controls, it cannot be altered via any calibration software.

It is possible, but not yet confirmed, that both a USB and HDMI connection is required to the ColourSpace PC for LUT Upload to be performed.

Profiling Operation

To profile the LG monitor with ColourSpace navigate to the desired profiling mode - Manual Measure or Display Characterisation.

If using the iTPG, the screen of the LG monitor will mimic the colour displayed within ColourSpace.

As soon as a Calibration Patches selection is made the LG monitor will show the patch colour as defined within the ColourSpace Manual Measure menu.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to ColourSpace, and with the LG screen displaying the required patches.

Alternatively an external TPG can be used.

  • Open a second ColourSpace Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select the required TPG from the Hardware drop-down list
    (Refer to the relevant TPG User Guide for further operational information)
  • The probe must be connected to the same Profiling Window as the TPG

Any patch generator can be used for profiling, including direct HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort connection from the ColourSpace laptop.

LUT Upload

After profiling, a Calibration LUT can be generated as normal within ColourSpace LUT Tools, and saved into the library.

With the LUT still held within ColourSpace navigate back to the Hardware Options menu, and select the desired LUT from within the Select LUT options, and Upload into the desired Picture Mode.

Calibration Guides

3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration