Jeti 1501 Probe

Jeti spectraval 1501 Spectrophotometer

The Jeti 1501 is a compact Spectrophotometer that delivers high quality results, with very accurate measurement capabilities, and performs well with all display devices from projection to LCD, from plasma to CRT.


Jeti 1501

Unlike the Jeti 1501, the Jeti spectraval 1501 does not included an in-built display for direct measurement, but does also cover wavelengths from 380 to 780nm, and includes an internal target spot laser for alignment.

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jeti Spectraval Options & Accessories

Straylight protection tube

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Straylight protection tube

Alternate Jeti Spectrophotometers

Light Illusion can provide any Jeti specbos or spectraval Spectrophotometers, not just the specific units and accessories shown here.
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LightSpace CMS Compatibility

The Jeti 1501 is one of the recommended probes for use with LightSpace CMS as it provides a high level of accuracy, enabling pre-calibration of Tristimulus probes for very accurate final profiling.

Spectrophotometer can be used for direct profiling, but relatively slow speed (and often poor low-light capability with lower quality Spectro's) can mean they are not ideal for profiling with large patch sets, as used when performing highly accurate calibration, as with LightSpace CMS.

Features and Options

  • Spectral range: 380nm - 780nm
  • Optical bandwidth: 4.5nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 1 nm
  • Digital resolution: 16 Bit ADC
  • Viewing angel: 1.8°
  • Measuring Area/Distance: Ø6mm/20cm; Ø31mm/100cm
  • Measuring range: 0.1 - 100000 cd/m2
  • Luminance accuracy: ± 2% @ 100 cd/m2
  • Luminance repeatability: ± 1
  • Chromaticity accuracy: ± 0.002 xy
  • Color repeatability: ± 0.0005 xy
  • CCT repeatability: ± 20K
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.5nm
  • Light element CCD array: 2048 pixel
  • Power supply: battery & USB powered
  • PC interface: USB 2.0 fullspeed
  • Dimensions: 140mm, 80mm, 70mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Operating Temperature: 10-40°C
  • Operating Humidity: < 85% relative humidity at 35°
  • Calibration: NIST traceable
  • Recommended recalibration: 1 year
Package Discounts

Combined Packages

Special 'Package' deals are available for Hardware and Software combination purchases, offering additional discount over the individual item prices.

Such package deals are a perfect combination for those looking for serious colour management, colour workflow, and calibration capabilities.

LightSpace CMS Integration

As with all probes, Jeti operation and function is controlled via the 'Options' menu, accessed via the Calibration Interface or Display Characterisation windows.

The Jeti has one just set of variables that are directly associated with the probe - Sync Frequency, which control the synchronisation of the probe with the display refresh rate.
(This obviously ignores settings that are generic, such as Extra Delay Time, Probe Matching, Probe Offset, Luminance Units.)

Jeti Options

The options are:

  • Sync Frequency: defines the sync frequency of the probe, and can be defined using the 'Repetition rate measurement' option with the probe pointed at a bright patch on the display. Auto is the default setting, although Manual can be used if the refresh rate of the display is known.

For further information on the additional setting with the 'Options' menu see the Profiling Manual page.

Additional Technical & Support Info.

Additional Software Required: LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads
Manufacturer Information: Jeti 1501
15x1 vs. 12x1: Comparison of Spectraval 15x1 vs. Specbos 12x1

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