Jeti spectraval 1501

The Jeti 1501 is a compact Spectroradiometer that delivers high quality results, with very accurate measurement capabilities on all display devices.

  • ColourSpace Integration
  • 6+mm Spot Size
  • ±0.5nm Spectral Accuracy
  • 4.5nm Spectral Bandwidth (2nm HiRes version)
  • 0.1 to 100,000 cd/m2
  • Laser Pointer Alignment
spectraval 1501 + Shipping Ex. VAT (Shipping included)
spectraval 1501 HiRes + Shipping Ex. VAT (Shipping included)


The Jeti spectraval 1501 is fast and highly sensitive, covering the wavelength range from 350 to 780nm, and includes an internal target spot laser for alignment. A piezo-electric shutter provides dark signal compensation.

The spectraval 1501 is provided without a Cosine Diffuser as standard, as for display calibration use this is unused. The diffuser can be specified when ordering if required.

The HiRes version is approx. 6x slower.


  • Spectral range: 380nm - 780nm
  • Optical bandwidth: 4.5nm
    (HiRes 2nm - approx. 6x slower reading speed)
  • Wavelength resolution: 1 nm
  • Digital resolution: 16 Bit ADC
  • Viewing angel: 1.8°
  • Measuring Area/Distance: Ø6mm/20cm; Ø31mm/100cm
  • Measuring range: 0.2 - 140,000 cd/m2 @ typical warm white LED
  • Luminance accuracy: ± 4.4% @ 100 cd/m2; illuminant A, k=2
  • Luminance repeatability: ± 1% @ illuminant A
  • Chromaticity accuracy: ± 0.002 xy @ illuminant A
  • Color repeatability: ± 0.0005 xy @ illuminant A
  • CCT repeatability: ± 20K
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.2nm; HgAr line source
    (HiRes ± 0.3nm)
  • Polarization Error f8: < 2%
  • Dispersive element: Imaging grating (flat field)
  • Light element CCD array: 2048 pixel
    (HiRes: 4096 pixels)
  • Power supply: Battery & USB powered
  • PC interface: USB 2.0 fullspeed & Bluetooth
    (Alternatively LAN)
  • Dimensions: 140mm, 80mm, 70mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Operating Temperature: 10-40°C
  • Operating Humidity: < 85% relative humidity at 35°
  • Calibration: NIST traceable
  • Recommended recalibration: 1 year


  • USB Cable
  • Instructions, LiVal Software, SDK on Bluetooth stick
  • Battery charger & Trigger connection
  • Tripod
  • Carry Case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Cosine diffuser (optional ~ £510)
  • Straylight protection tube (optional ~ £175)

Cosine Diffusers must be calibrated with the unit. If a Cosine Diffuser is purchased after the unit has shipped from the factory the unit must be shipped back to the factory in order to get the added accessory properly calibrated with the unit.


The spectraval 1501 should be factory recalibrated/re-certified every year to two years, depending on usage and storage, or when obvious issue are found (after physical shock to the probe for example).
Cost is €709 Euro, plus shipping for wavelength + 1 measuring mode recalibration.
Contact Jeti to schedule recalibration/re-certification.

Straylight Protection Tube
Straylight Protection Tube

spectraval 1501 Alternatives

Light Illusion can supply any Jeti spectraval 1501 probe, or optional accessories.

  • spectraval 1501 HiRes - 2nm (approx. 6x slower)
  • spectraval 1501-LAN - Addition of LAN interface
  • spectraval 1501NIR - 350 nm to 1000 nm
  • spectraval 1501 focus
  • Any Accessories


Jeti spectraval 1501
spectraval 1501

ColourSpace Integration

As with all probes, spectraval 1501 operation and function is controlled via the Probe Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window.

The spectraval 1501 has just one option that is directly associated with the probe - Sync Frequency, which controls the synchronisation of the probe with the display refresh rate, and can be set via the Repetition rate measurement button - as well as generic probe settings, such as Extra Delay Time, Probe Matching, Probe Offset, etc.

Jeti spectraval 1501

Calibration Settings

Calibration Settings provides generic probe settings, and Probe Calibration.

Average Low Light

Average Low Light is a probe generic option, that averages multiple readings in low-light situations using an advanced algorithm built into ColourSpace. The algorithm varies based on the probe in use to provide the best possible results.

Repetition rate measurement

Repetition rate measurement button will re-set the Auto Sync Frequency based on readings taken directly from the display.
Auto is the default, although Manual can be used if the refresh rate of the display is known.

Sync Frequency

Sync Frequency defines the sync frequency of the probe, with Auto being the default, although Manual can be used if the refresh rate of the display is known.

Extra Delay Time

Extra Delay sets a delay time after the patch has changed before probe measurement starts, and can be set automatically via the Auto button, and manages signal path delays in the image pipeline.
When using the Auto option, Average Low Light is normally not used.

Probe Matching

Probe Matching is really unnecessary with the Jeti 1501, as it is a Spectroradiometer.
The options is provided on a Why Not basis...

Probe Offset

Probe Offset enables a user to manually enter offset values for different probes/display combinations.
Perceptual Colour Match is a preferable approach.