i1 Pro 3 Plus Probe

X-Rite i1 Pro 3 Plus Spectroradiometer

The X-Rite i1 Pro 3 Plus Probe is a wide aperture (8 mm) Spectroradiometer that is an ideal addition to any colour critical environment, and in combination with LightSpace CMS enables accurate calibration to be achieved via direct display device measurement for both projection as well as monitors via contact and non-contact use.


i1 Pro 3 Plus Probe

Light Illusion provides a 'Display Only OEM' version of the i1 Pro 3 Plus, including i1 Pro 3 Plus Spectroradiometers, Calibration Plate, USB Cable, Carrying Case, Tripod Holder, Ambient Light Measurement Head, Display Holder, Quick Start Guide.

Note: the i1 Pro 3 Plus is extremely power hungry.
Never use the probe with a USB extension, and for the best results use a powered USB hub.

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i1 Pro 3 Plus Probe

LightSpace CMS Compatibility

The i1 Pro 3 Plus is ideal for use with LightSpace CMS as it provides a high level of accuracy, enabling pre-calibration of Tristimulus probes for accurate final profiling.

Spectroradiometers such as the i1 Pro 3 Plus can be used for direct profiling, but relatively slow speed and poor low-light capability can mean they are not ideal for profiling with large patch sets, as used when performing highly accurate calibration, as with LightSpace CMS.

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Such package deals are a perfect combination for those looking for serious colour management, colour workflow, and calibration capabilities.

Features and Options

  • Contact and non-contact operation
  • Spectral Range: 380 - 730 nm
  • Physical sampling interval: 3.5 nm
  • Optical resolution: 10 nm
  • Spectral reporting: 380 ... 730 nm in 10 nm steps
  • Measurement aperture: 8 mm
  • Measurement range: 0.2 - 5000 cd/m2
  • Short-term repeatability: x,y: +/- 0.002 typical (5000°K, 80 cd/m2)
  • Temperature: 10°C - 35°C
  • Humidity: 0% - 80% non-condensing

Note: measurement performance data is based on X-Rite's manufacturing standards, equipment, and conditions, and is not guaranteed outside of X-Rite's own environment.

LightSpace CMS Integration

As with all probes, the i1 Pro 3 Plus operation and function is controlled via the 'Options' menu, accessed via the Calibration Interface, or Display Characterisation windows.

The i1 Pro 3 Plus has no variables that are directly associated with the probe.
(This obviously ignores settings that are generic, such as Extra Delay Time, Probe Matching, Probe Offset, Luminance Units.)

i1 Pro 3 Plus Options

Note: If using the Probe Matching function (Active Probe/Display Data) to pre-profile a Tristimulus probe to the i1 Pro 3 Plus Spectro, the same 'preset matrix' should always be used for the Tristimulus probe as was used when the Probe Matching data was generated.

For further information on probe matching see the Probe Use page.

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Additional Software Required: LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads

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