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Davinci Resolve Bad Probe Readings

Author Sanjin Svajger
#1 | Posted: 26 Nov 2016 09:39 
So, I basically lost a couple of days to this problem and just wanted to let everybody know so you don't make the same mistake. Which you probably wont because your not as stupid as me but anyway...

So I had some really off the chart readings. Like dE76 above 100. Some other readings were also between dE 30 and 100. But above 100 were only a couple, now and then. So before I even noticed this I lost probably 2 days beating my head around bat cal luts. Then I noticed this and thought the monitor is starting to die on me. Then I though it might be something wrong with the integration time of the probe. Did a lot of tests and still wasn't clear was wrong, because I did 2 consecutive readings and once I got a reading dE76 of 120 and the second time the same patch was dE76 1.2. So it was obvious something was wrong. So what was wrong? When I was just about to give up I noticed the system was kinda sluggish. I opened up task manager and noticed that available RAM was at almost zero. Like between 0MB and 50MB. Nothing. Then I remembered that I started calibrating in a huge project. I just wanted to check something but then got carried away. Needles to say I forgot that the project was huge. So long story short: Resolve eat up all the RAM to the point that there was none left for Lightspace. This meant that the patches LS was feeding Resolve were displayed to late or were skipped all together. That explained that really bad readings, as the probe was actually reading a different patch that LS was feeding it.

So that's it guys. Make sure you have enough free system RAM when doing patch readings!


Tips and Tricks Light Illusion Forums / Tips and Tricks /
 Davinci Resolve Bad Probe Readings

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