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User Comments - LightSpace/ColourSpace vs. Calman

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Author Steve

#76 | Posted: 17 Jun 2021 15:13 | Edited by: Steve 
This is one of my own comments.
In their PR for their latest release, Portrait have said:

"Portrait Displays is pleased to announce the second release of Calman 2021. Get ready for some exciting new features and added Aurora Color Engine support for specific displays!"

Seriously? How bad must the colour engine design be if it only works with specific displays?
A LUT is a LUT - regardless if it is 1D + 3D, 3D only, or 1D+3D+1d, or some other combination.
And LUTs work with any LUT enabled display, LUT Box, or software system...

To be generating LUTs that only work with specific systems shows a serious underlying issue with the generation of the LUTs - and that means serious issues with the 'aurora colour engine'.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author Steve

#77 | Posted: 24 Jun 2021 13:00 
From another ColourSpace user, who started with Calman.
(And who obviously appreciated the effort Ted puts into supporting ColourSpace users.)

"Hello everyone and in particular to "ConnecTEDDD",

Small introduction :
First of all, I apologize for my English because being French and not having particularly studied English...

So here is, a few months ago (it dates back to the beginning of 2021 to be more precise), I decided to start calibrating my LG TV (OLED C9) but without knowing the slightest detail of what a real calibration looked like (I'll explain later why I'm using the term "real calibration").

I'm only writing this experience now because I didn't find the time to do it before, with 2 very young children it's complicated...

The story :
So I started by studying what calibration was by searching here and there on the internet but without really understanding all the technical terms and all the standards on which to base myself.

Basically, it was a bit of gibberish for me but I knew more or less that the purpose of these maneuvers was to obtain an image that most closely resembles its source mounted in a film studio, video games etc. .. That is to say, get as close as possible to the visual director.

In my research, not many solutions were available to me :

Either call a professional but it was really overpriced
Either buy equipment and do it myself

I chose the second solution without really knowing at what price I was going to get away with it but the advantage is that I could calibrate my TV and those of my entourage as I wish.

The rest of these remarks are only personal feelings and are in no way made to denigrate a product or a method ...

While searching, I came across a solution called "CALMAN home for LG" which offered a "miracle" solution and all you needed was a calibration probe.

I told myself that's it, I found what I need !

To shorten it, I was more than disappointed... I will briefly explain why :

I started this program in the hope of discovering the intricacies and methods of calibration.

I came across a program that manages itself on its own... As much to tell you that this program did not help me...

Basically, it's like you're playing a video game but the storyline is playing out on its own. You just need to press start and you see things unfold in front of you without being able to interact or even control anything.

I wasn't sure what to think about it and to be honest I'm not sure it really transcended anything on the rendering of my picture modes. In the end, I was extremely disappointed.

Now we come to the topic (I'll explain later why I'm using the term "real calibration") :

After this experience I did not give up and I continued my research in the hope of finding another solution.

As much to tell you that I was determined !

I didn't want to believe that the calibration was all about this...

So I continued my research and I came across this site Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk / eeColor / LightSpace - Main Menu (displaycalibrations.com)

I decided to contact the author of the site (known in this forum under the nickname ConnecTeDDD) it is the best thing I could do in this process to find a solution to the calibration done entirely in complete dependence.

So I discovered the "LightSpace/ColourSpace" program and what a pleasant surprise !

I discovered a complete and affordable program both in its price and in the equipment needed for calibration.

To explain everything to you, at this point, I was still light years away from the technical terms of calibration and their application.

But I was able to count on the great sympathy and especially the pedagogy and the patience of ConnecTEDDD who introduced me to these notions.

When I say that he (ConnecTEDDD) was patient and really available I am not exaggerating at all, it lasted almost 3 months because I was trying to find out what I was doing and also because I have 2 small children including one who is born at the start of this enriching encounter with ConnectTEDD.

He made himself available to answer me each time and guide me in the progress of the stages.

In terms of calibration, this guy is an encyclopedia on his own !

I do not go into the details of the whole process but I will come back to it in a second post.

In short, this program "LightSpace/ColourSpace" allowed me to understand what I was doing and towards which visual objectives/standards I should approach in the stages of calibration.

But above all, I was satisfied to be able to manage each step in detail and to have obtained such a satisfactory result !

I recommend this program to all those like me who want to obtain real results and especially to obtain satisfaction for a reasonable cost !

I will come back to the details of the results obtained in a second post but above all I wanted to share this little piece of experience with you and thank ConnecTEDDD who without him, I think I would never have achieved the objective of calibrating."

Ted really is an amazing resource for those learning calibration!

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author Steve

#78 | Posted: 25 Jul 2021 12:55 
And another very positive comment from a new ColourSpace user, who swapped from Calman:

Thanks to you too Ted, this is exactly what I was looking for. You guys are a great bunch and I am glad I switched from Calman.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author Ninjician
#79 | Posted: 2 Aug 2021 19:31 
Wanted to give my thoughts and feelings as someone who has used Calman since the introduction of ICC controls with my Panasonic VT60 purchase back in 2012.

The basic ideas of calibrating simply greyscale and then a CMS calibration have changed. Working on my plasma with my SpectrCal C3 meter and assuming I had perfect results was quite the pleasure to have a "reference" picture. Little did I know that charts aren't everything, and that plasmas required more work even back then than I would know.

Queue Portrait Displays. I had purchased an LG B8 and was very curious about Calman Home for LG. I had my laptop as a pattern generator, HD Fury for HDR calibration and Dolby Vision, and I got to work. I posted immediately about the piss-poor results I was receiving from calibrating HDR. I tagged Tyler Pruitt and explained that I was getting banding due to the LUT creation through Calman. He then told me that I should expect that from the Alpha7 processor and that the Alpha9 from LG did not have this issue. I purchased an LG C9. SAME ISSUE!!!

So, not only was I deceived into spending more money on a better TV, when I was perfectly happy with the B8, but I felt as if my input was completely invalidated, and over a YEAR has gone by that this stance by Portrait has been taken. "Oh, it's an LG issue, waiting for firmware" "Oh, it's a Dolby engine issue" "Oh, it's a user issue, you need a better meter" I have posted pictures, and even a full video showing a complete HDR calibration and presented it to Tyler, and the last word I had was from over a month ago, "We are investigating this." - Tyler.

You have to understand the HOURS of time wasted with this product. Each picture mode taking about 1.5 hours, only to find glitches that would mean I would have to fully factory reset my TV and LOSE EVERYTHING and start over. Over and over. I cannot calculate the amount of hours I spent on the new Fixed Grid options, or trying the broken AIO mode, not to mention even attempting anything HDR or Dolby Vision.

YOUR PRODUCT HAS BEEN USING THIS WORKFLOW SINCE FOR 4 YEARS. Meaning, it's been broken since it was incepted! And they have the gall to charge consumers YEARLY for software that doesn't work! If the main purpose for the ITPG for LG OLEDs is to have easy access to HDR and Dolby Vision patterns, and those are the least reliable things to calibrate, I might as well use Colourspace Zero and just do SDR!

I purchased Colourspace HTL through Ted who I met on AVS. He has been thorough and helpful throughout the entire process. He pointed me towards his Test Disc, the digital version for PGenerator with an inexpensive Raspberry Pi, and the LG Guides which Leon has helped with so much. I now have the most flexible, reliable, and measurable software for calibrating my LG OLED. I simply create a thorough and complete "profile" for my specific TV, then create a 3D LUT to "calibrate" to any look I want. I can emulate a Sony D65 OLED, I can target Alternative White Points, gamma settings, anything I want! I can then upload to the TV in mere minutes and not have to spend hours upon hours sitting in front of patch sets any more.

I now no longer have to factory reset my TV. I no longer fear firmware updates, or tinker or re-measure. I can now delegate my calibration sessions to "maintenance" on my OLED every 1,000 hours or so, instead of always wondering if something is wrong. The software is always improving, always adding more user features and capabilities and I have a lifetime license! This is invaluable compared to coming from a $145 yearly license. Never knowing if something is broken or not. I now no longer have any use for the Calman software. I have everything I need to calibrate with the Pgen and Colourspace HTL.

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 User Comments - LightSpace/ColourSpace vs. Calman

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