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Grading Monitor recommendation

Author Thebird030
#1 | Posted: 27 Jun 2019 12:43 
Hi there,

Can anyone recommend me a monitor with oled like blacks but is no oled.
The cg3145 is a monitor that seems to fall into that category. Any other?

In the future we may find micro led monitors that could work but these dont arrive before 2024.
I recently read about the Asus ProArt PA32UCX, which might have above 1000 dimming zones, but I guess it might not be enough for a 32inch

So if anyone knows some monitor, please reply.

Thanks and best

Author Steve
#2 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 12:10 
The issue with the ASUS is calibration.
We have been approached by ASUS, but as yet they have no method for accurate end-user calibration via 3D LUTs.

But, why do you want OLED blacks?
They are often too dark, and clip detail.
We recommend any OLED has black set to around 0.03 nits, to prevent grading issues.


Author Thebird030
#3 | Posted: 7 Jul 2019 22:02 
Hey Steve thanks for your comment.
Regarding OLED I may have said not exactly correct. I've read your suggestion, in a tutorial I guess, to set the blacks to 0.03 and really appreciated it. What I may wanted to say is to have good looking blacks ;)
Sometimes its hard to tell clients that at certain point the blacks are crushing, when they "still see something grey shining through" like on LCDs or LEDs, but thats a different story.

Regarding the ASUS: But is it possible to use an external lut box and the light space correction lut to get accurate color reproduction?

Basically I want to buy a new monitor for on set work, but can't afford any monitor featuring Panasonics dual LCD technic, like in the CG3145 and these are of course an overkill for on set work.
So the main question is which one.
I had an FSI CM250 OLED and was very happy with it, but will ne a 4k monitor for a job in the future. At first I thought the ASUS could be an option, but I'm not sure anymore. My intension was with the mini led and 1000+ dimming zones I will have a good way to get deep blacks as well as HDR possibility.

What monitor you would prefer within the 27-32inch range? Unfortunately it needs to be 4k, 10bit, and HDR possibility?
Another possibility would be to get bigger within the 55inch range like the "Philips 55OLED903", but thats not so "handy" for on set work.

Thanks and best

Author Steve
#4 | Posted: 9 Jul 2019 15:29 
With LightSpace, a decent probe, and a LUT box, any display can be calibrated to the best of its inherent capabilities.

HDR is an issue, as few displays can do HDR correctly for professional use.
(Home TVs/PC displays are not at all suitable, due to in-built tone mapping/roll-off, etc.)

You could have a look at displays such as
They have full LightSpace integration.


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