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REC 2020 Grading

Author vincentcarton
#1 | Posted: 26 Mar 2018 06:25 

as i understand, rec 2020 are primaries of a colorspace wich is not reachable actually by the technology of displays. It's a container of smaller gamut. For a grading workflow, is it better to work in P3 or REC709 for example, so we know the real primaries we are working in, and then convert it to rec2020 via a lut?

I'm questioning how works the mapping of colors in a rec2020 preset of a display that actually can displays 99% P3 maximum. If we send a 100% RED of the grading suite, the display show the max saturation of RED he can? What happen if we send a 100% RED wich has been map from P3 TO REC2020, so not actually 100% in rec2020?

Thank you!


Author Steve
#2 | Posted: 26 Mar 2018 08:19 
All grading should be done on the gamut the display can actually achieve accurately.
At the present all Rec2020 deliverables are graded P3, and converted to Rec2020 later.
Theoretically you could use Rec709, if that is all the display you have can achieve, but I doubt any broadcaster would accept that.

The second part of your question actually makes no sense.
Can you better define the question?


Author vincentcarton
#3 | Posted: 26 Mar 2018 08:37 
Thanks for the answer.

When it's converted to rec2020, we have to set the display to rec2020 right? So the display knows that a certain hardcoded bit equal a certain xyZ chromaticity coordinates?

Author Steve
#4 | Posted: 26 Mar 2018 08:48 
All home TVs, looking at Rec2020 deliverables MUST be calibrate to Rec2020.
Exactly the same as being calibrated to Rec709, for viewing Rec709 footage.


Author vincentcarton
#5 | Posted: 26 Mar 2018 09:09 
Ok, but if the gamut of an other display is smaller than the one we graded, the monitor will clip colors?

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