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Early Adopters report on their findings with LightSpace for Home Cinema Calibration...

Author Steve

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#1 | Posted: 24 Jan 2013 17:08 
Thought you may like to know that all the early 'Home Cinema' adopters of LightSpace, who have been beta testing the software for some time, have all ended up purchasing the software as their test have proved LightSpace provides a real benefit over the alternative competitive calibration systems.

Here are a few quotes from some of the Home Cinema users...

************************************************************************************* ***********************************************

"I've been working with Steve Shaw for nearly two years in an effort to bring true 3D LUT calibration affordably to the home theater market and it has finally become reality. LightSpace Home Cinema Calibration in conjunction with processors such as the eeColor Processor and the Lumagen Radiance series video processors has made this possible. Kudos to the Light Illusion staff for vision and lightning fast software updates in accordance with our needs."
- Buzz Schranz

"The image from the LightSpace generated LUT is better in direct comparison to a well known competing solution, not exponentially by any means ..., but is better... and looks outstanding with reference material."
- Mike Nagel

"Separating Profiling from Calibration, the method used by professional post-production facilities when colour-grading/mastering the movies we enjoy at home, is now available for home users too.
This is truly revolutionary! The final results of LightSpace/eeColor are by far better than from any other software/hardware combination I have ever used. It's like I bought a new display... I never imagined that my display was capable of reproducing such colours before."
- Ted Aspiotis

************************************************************************************* ***********************************************

The beta testers have also helped us greatly in better understanding the Home Cinema market, and we thank them for their input!

More developments are coming, but for all the beta testers to have purchased LightSpace after extensive testing against all competition shows just how advanced the calibration capabilities of LightSpace really are.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 Early Adopters report on their findings with LightSpace for Home Cinema Calibration...

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