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ColourSpace ZRO

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Author Steve

#31 | Posted: 24 Jan 2021 13:55 | Edited by: Steve 
We have decided that providing free ZRO Access just doesn't work - and that has more to do with the cost of support, rather than outright costs to Light Illusion.

And most of the support ends up being via Ted at www.DisplayCalibrations.com

So, we have decided that ColourSpace ZRO will be handled in its entirety by Ted, and there will be a 'low-cost' fee attached to ZRO Access.
Ted has decided that the cost will be $35 USD.

The payment will be directly to Ted, with licenses provided by him.
Light Illusion will not have any involvement, other than to generate the license keys, and will not receive a penny of the payment made to Ted.

As Ted spends his entire life supporting all users of all calibration systems, this seems more than fair.

It also means that ZRO Access will not be restricted to just Home Cinema users, as was the case initially.

Support for ColourSpace ZRO will be via the various 'calibration' forums, including this one.
(Light Illusion will provide no direct operational support for ColourSpace ZRO)

The ColourSpace ZRO page of the website will be updated shortly.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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