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HDTVtest shootout - not using available TV calibration capabilities?

Author Steve

#1 | Posted: 11 Nov 2020 11:42 | Edited by: Steve 
The below is a discussion between 2 calibrators (one pro, one home user) on the latest HDTVtest shoot-out, 2020, where the TVs were not calibrated to the best of their abilities, as no attempt was made to use the available 3D LUT calibration of the LG TV.

Most home cinema users will strive to gain the best from their TV's calibration, and with those models that offer 3D LUTs, that means using 3D LUTs.
And for accuracy, that means using ColourSpace. or LightSpace, as this discussion shows.
To not use such capabilities means the results are not really valid.

So the LG lost big in the UK TV Shootout this year. I believe Vincent calibrates all the TVs manually meaning he's using the user controls and not generating a new 3DLUT for the LG. I'm just stating how I believe he calibrated and not judging his decision. I can't help but wonder how the LG with a reference 3D LUT generated by ColourSpace would have compared to the color accuracy of the Panasonic which always wins every year in this category. Even the Sony A8 beat the LG in color accuracy. When we were planning the VE TV Shootout this year although it didn't happen because of Covid I was planning on using ColorSpace to calibrate the LG SDR picture modes to get the absolute best possible performance from that TV. It would have been interesting to see how using the best calibration methods for each TV would have influenced the outcome. I also wanted to use ColourSpace and it's analysis capabilities to look at how each sets measurements looked. Although I personally believe it's most important on what your eye sees and your brain interprets as good PQ it would have also been very interesting to see how the ColourSpace validation scans looked on all the sets.
Maybe next year.

Vincent has outright categorically stated many times in the past that he does not use AutoCAL for 3D LUT generation because it introduces issues and he gets better results by calibrating manually (The exact same issues that many have spoken of repeatedly here on AVS, but still so many don't believe any of it).

As he does not use LightSpace/ColourSpace, there would be no way for him to profile the LG and calibrate with a 3D LUT with either software.

Yes I understand which is why I really wanted to use ColourSpace in our TV Shootout to see if there would have been any difference in the outcome with the judges. I strongly feel there would be. I highly regard Vincent, all his work and experience and were even trying to figure out if we could combine the two events. With the TV Shootout these days we now have so many more calibration and analysis capabilities that consumers can either use themselves or hire a professional to implement. If a specific TV has more advanced calibration system which can result in a better calibration result then that's an asset for the TV. That said, I feel each TV should be calibrated with whatever built in capability will give the best possible result. So for example for the LG a reference 3DLUT with ColourSpace would have produced the best color accuracy for that set vs a manual calibration in my opinion and might have altered the result somewhat. I've never worked on a Panasonic but i understand from some who have and or own one that it's an incredible TV.

I agree, if the TV has the capability then it should be used, but it should be used to the best of its ability. But if he doesn't have the software to do that, then he can't

Panasonic TVs are already very accurate straight OOTB

Interested to see how things go if/when you eventually get to do the VE shootout using the methods you've described above

As mentioned, it is not just the use of 3D LUT calibration, where available, that is important, but also the advanced calibration analysis capabilities within ColourSpace - true Volumetric graphs for example - that are also a critical addition to the assessment of the accuracy of any TV.

As mentioned in the discussion, the underlying issues also stem from accuracy problems with Calman based LUT calibration.
(As is discussed at length on many AVSforum threads.)
Something that is not an issue with ColourSpace, as also stated in the discussion.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 HDTVtest shootout - not using available TV calibration capabilities?

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