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Author Sunset1982
#1 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 06:50 
I tried to install my rpi 3 as a pgenerator. flashed my sd and copied the img via etcher bit the pi does not give a signal out to my monitor/tv through the hdmi port. If I flash the sd with a libreelec os, the pi works flawless. any idea?

Author biasi
#2 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 08:41 
probably your monitor doesn't support the default output frequency of 24Hz;install DeviceControl,create a template of type Admin and try to change the frequency

Author Sunset1982
#3 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 11:21 | Edited by: Sunset1982 
does this work even I did not configure the rpi to be in the same wifi?

Author biasi
#4 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 12:03 
if you can't connect the rpi to ethernet for initial configuration you can connect your pc to the network wifi PGenerator with password PGenerator and configure in DeviceControl the ip address or 0 for autodiscover
if you have problem in RPI configuration I can give you an iso image with 60hz output

Author Sunset1982
#5 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 12:24 
that iso with 60hz would be nice

Author biasi
#6 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 12:46 
ok,I prepare it and I will inform you when ready

Author biasi
#7 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 14:07 
here you can find the image with 60hz output:
*cut-&-past the link without the quote marks.

Author RickD_99
#8 | Posted: 27 Jul 2019 23:03 

Tom Huffman of ChromaPure might be interested in adapting his ChromaPure product to work with your PGenerator. He was wondering if you offer developer's documentation describing what programming is required?

If you want to contact him directly you can email him at:

Author Steve
#9 | Posted: 28 Jul 2019 09:44 
Hi Rick - I've flagged this post to Riccardo.


Author biasi
#10 | Posted: 30 Jul 2019 20:39 | Edited by: biasi 
thanks RickD_99,I wrote to Tom Huffman today

Author ConnecTED
#11 | Posted: 11 Aug 2019 12:31 
For LightSpace users who want to use the PGenerator, its been tested using Raspberry: Pi 2 Model B / Pi 3 Model B / Pi 3 Model B+ hardware. We recommend these hardware options.

Currently Pi 4 Model B is not supported, but it will be added support (if the testing goes fine) next month probably.

That info added today to the PGenerator webpage also:

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