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PGenerator and Pi Zero W

Author blasetheodore
#1 | Posted: 9 Apr 2019 20:37 

I put PGenerator on my Pi Zero W, but I can't get an HDMI/DVI signal to lock on boot. (Frequency out of range.) The Pi displays fine with Raspbian/NOOBS bootloader.

I suspect that disk image was compiled only for the 3b+? Is there source that I could compile for the Zero W?
Or is there something I can troubleshoot?

Author blasetheodore
#2 | Posted: 9 Apr 2019 22:49 
I got display to work by changing your config.txt

(instead of 32. Thus changing rate from 24hz to 60hz)

Can I assume that won't cause any problems?

Author biasi
#3 | Posted: 11 Apr 2019 21:36 | Edited by: biasi 
the rpi is configured at default to output 1080p 24hz;it is better that you change the frequency using DeviceControl Admin Template

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 PGenerator and Pi Zero W

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