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PGenerator & HDMI DeepColor

Author blasetheodore
#1 | Posted: 1 Apr 2019 19:32 
My normal pipeline for signal generation is:
Davinci Resolve > SDI > BM-TerranexMini > HDMI full, Deep Color

I'm switching to:
PGenerator > HDMI full

Is there anything regarding signal levels and Deep Color I should understand here?

Thanks for reading,

Author Steve
#2 | Posted: 1 Apr 2019 20:43 
I'm not actually sure what you are asking?
Can you be a bit more specific?


Author blasetheodore
#3 | Posted: 1 Apr 2019 21:12 
Not a critical question, really. Just avoiding trial and error when possible.

- Does the PGenerator support DeepColor?
- If it doesn't, should I profile with DeepColor enabled or disabled?

The LG panel I'll be calibrating supports "deep color". As does the image pipeline I intend to use.
If the PGenerator does not support Deep Color, I was looking for feedback on the right approach to profiling.

Author Steve
#4 | Posted: 1 Apr 2019 21:17 
But what do you mean by 'Deep Colour'?
Do you mean 10/12 bit colour?

For calibration it is actually irrelevant, as LightSpace uses 8 bit patch values.
The bit depth is not an issue.


Author blasetheodore
#5 | Posted: 1 Apr 2019 22:16 
Ok cool thanks Steve.

Yes Deep Color (as I understand it) is sort of a communications protocol, for devices attempting anything over 8bit color. I'd assume its transparent in an 8 bit workflow, but wasn't sure if there was something more to be aware of.

Author ConnecTED
#6 | Posted: 2 Apr 2019 14:55 | Edited by: ConnecTED 
LG Deep Color Control, its nothing more than a switch between the HDMI timing of 1.4 (10.2Gbit with 300MHz) vs. 2.0a (18 Gbit with 600MHz) of the specific HDMI port, its not doing something else to the signal, just with ON it support HDR10 signal input and all the differences in bandwidth of HDMI 1.4 vs. 2.0a

Calibration software generate 8bit RGB targets, so its doesn't matter if you will send to your display 8bit RGB vs. 8 -> 10bit or 8 ->12 bit, its exact the same patch, so there no need for other than 8bit output really with PGenerator (while it has option to send 10/12bit).

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