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LightSpace CMS Software Updates

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Author wl1
#61 | Posted: 26 Mar 2019 21:33 
I have been round the loop a few times, but I keep getting sent the xx.2915 version - followed by the dialogue box saying new version of xx.2922 is available. Where am I going wrong? (New user). Thanks.

Author Steve
#62 | Posted: 26 Mar 2019 21:36 | Edited by: Steve 
That's because you have not cleared your browser cache...
The browser is just giving you the download it has there, and not accessing the new download.
(Not a LightSpace issue at all...)


Author wl1
#63 | Posted: 26 Mar 2019 22:11 
Yes - new user error. Sorted now - thanks for quick response.

Author Steve
#64 | Posted: 26 Mar 2019 22:12 
No probs!


Author ConnecTED
#65 | Posted: 18 Apr 2019 17:49 
LightSpace CMS (16 April 2019) has been released.

Release Notes:

-- Corrected issue with Stabilisation patches with connected hardware generators.
-- Corrected rounding error with JVC 1D LUT export format.
-- Added Sub Black option for VideoScale.
-- Corrected CSV Grey Only Quick Profile recognition.
-- Fix issue with Minolta CA-410 probe integration.
-- Removed Osee and Bon Upload options, as manufacturers never completed their work.
-- Added 'Stop' and 'Pause' capability to Pre-roll.
-- Added ability to use 'Stabilisation' frames with Pre-roll.
-- Fix issue with adjusting Pre-roll duration preventing it from working.
-- Added 'Edge' Quick Profile – a work-in-progress.

Download Link:

Author ConnecTED
#66 | Posted: 14 May 2019 15:04 
LightSpace CMS (14 May 2019) Beta is available.

Release Notes

Added 'Edge' Quick Profile (a work-in-progress).

Corrected link to LightSpace Connect User Guide from the Help menu.

Changed dE ICtCp to dE ITP.

Added Disable Gamut Mapping option to LUT generation.

Added direct integration for FSI XM displays LUT upload.

Added Sub Colour Space 'Code Value' option for reduced gamut profiling.

As is usual, for that beta download link, please contact me here (no PM's):

Author ConnecTED
#67 | Posted: 25 May 2019 18:34 
LightSpace CMS (23 May 2019) has been released.

Release Notes

Corrected issue with some CSV based Quick Profiles.

Added ''IsAlive'' command to Network Manager.

Added new DeviceContol LUT format for LG C7 Studio (Pro).

Download Link:

Author ConnecTED
#68 | Posted: 11 Jul 2019 19:20 
LightSpace CMS (10 July 2019) has been released.

Release Notes (incremental changes):

Added support for new dataColor SpyderX tristimulus probe.

Added filtering for individual probe matching measurements for invalid XYZ values.

Corrected error with BMD Camera options.

Increased DIP mode to max 90 secs for use with R.Masciola's HDR Test Patterns.

Corrected error with Export Colour List with Drift enabled.

Added 1511 to Discoverable probes list, as the txt was missing.

Added 'Hint' process to Convert Colour Space (XPT, PRO and HTP).

Download Link:

Author ConnecTED
#69 | Posted: 11 Jul 2019 19:42 
The Hint process enables small profiles, such as Quick Profiles, to provide calibration accuracy that is closer to the accuracy usually only attained via large volumetric profiles.

Information on 'Hint' can be found within the website 'Advanced LightSpace Operation' user guide:

Author Steve
#70 | Posted: 23 Jul 2019 09:06 
We've been thinking further about the new Hint process, and we have plans for Hint (with some adjustment) that would enable it to be used for an advanced Probe Matching process (far more accurate than the existing FCCM or LG's 3-Matrix idea, especially for any non-additive displays).
(That does ignore the requirement for the Spectro to not suffer Metameric issues with WOLEDs, which is a whole other issue...)

We're also working on a new method to effectively extract different profile data from a large volumetric profile to enable different ares of the profile to be treated differently - which will be another real help with difficult displays, and when excessive changes are needed, such as with HDR.


Author ConnecTED
#71 | Posted: 25 Jul 2019 22:02 
LightSpace CMS (25 July 2019) Beta is available.

A Piccy

Release Notes

This Beta has a new 'Hybrid' mode in the Convert Colour Space options (Peak Chroma, etc).

This process will potentially take a longer processing time than Peak Chroma, but will do two things with a profile that is volumetric (cube data, not a Quick Profile).

It will replace all the LUT data below 5% of the LUT range with data extracted via a process that re-interpolates bad profile data.

This should deal with bad probe readings below 5%, as well as improve the final grey scale response.

(We are using 5% or LUT range, rather than profile range as that changes with the display gamma.)

It will also replace the grey scale in the final LUT with a grey scale processed in isolation of the rest of the profile data.

This means the Grey Scale will not be influences by volumetric color data, that may be 'bad'.

With the normal Peak Chroma/Peak Luma processes, all points in a LUT are treated equally.

With volumetric profile data, that means the grey scale is calibrated to be as accurate as any other point in the LUT.

However, if there are bad colour readings within the profile, they can also affect the Grey Scale calibration.

With the new Hybrid process Grey Scale is treated separately to the volumetric colours.

LightSpace has always been more accurate than any other calibration system with respect to Volumetric calibration.

But, the grey scale can sometimes be slightly less accurate.

This new Hybrid approach should provide the best of both.


As is usual, for that beta download link, please contact me here only (no PM's):

Author ConnecTED
#72 | Posted: 29 Jul 2019 13:46 
LightSpace CMS (26 July 2019) has been released.

Release Notes

Added Hybrid LUT Generation mode to Convert Colour Space menu

Add access to the Hint capability for older licenses that match XPT, PRO, HTP

Release Info

The latest LightSpace release includes two new additions that greatly enhance LUT generation.

Hint (for LightSpace XPT, PRO, and HTP users)

The first is a new Hint mode, which is a very powerful process that enhances calibration accuracy attainable with smaller patch sets.

Hint can also be used as a multi-point probe matching process, by inverting the normal application (using a large Tristimulus profile as the Hint, with a smaller Spectro profile as the main profile).

The concept behind Hint is to enable the use of a complex full volumetric profile as a 'guide' or 'master' for a smaller profile set. For example, a Primary Only, or Grey Only Quick Profile can have a display's in-built non-linear volumetric distortions mapped into the data set prior to LUT generation. This means that sparse profiles (Quick Profiles for example) can generate more accurate LUTs, based on the more complex profile data being used as a Hint.

Ideally, the Hint profile would be generated from the display in question, but can also be used for displays within the same family that have exactly the same underlying non-linear response.


Additionally, a new Hybrid mode has been added to the LUT Generation options.

Hybrid mode is based on Peak Chroma, but does two things that can potentially help with the accuracy of the LUT's grey scale and low-light performance, by isolating those areas of the profile, and processing them independently from the rest of the profile's volumetric data.

This maximizes the accuracy of the grey scale, and helps remove low-light errors introduced by inaccurate probe readings.

Download Link:

Note: All LightSpace related guides which are available online has been updated to reflect changes the latest released version of LightSpace introduced.

Author ConnecTED
#73 | Posted: 5 Aug 2019 17:21 
LightSpace CMS (01 August 2019) has been released.

Release Notes

Corrected BT.1886 LUT Generation with Hybrid mode.

Download Link:

Author RollsRoyce
#74 | Posted: 5 Aug 2019 17:40 | Edited by: RollsRoyce 
Another software update, another license reset required. Will this be the norm going forward?

Author ConnecTED
#75 | Posted: 5 Aug 2019 17:55 
I just installed/activated from LightSpace CMS (26 July 2019) and reset was not required, to my setup.

What version you had installed?

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