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Advanced ColourSpace Purchasing

Author Steve
#1 | Posted: 29 Dec 2019 15:24 | Edited by: Steve 
As we are getting ever closer to an initial launch of ColourSpace we are offering advanced purchasing, at discounted pricing.

All advanced ColourSpace orders will receive an equivalent LightSpace license, with a ColourSpace license provided when released. Both licenses will remain active after ColourSpace is released - so a 2-for-1 deal.

For existing LightSpace users there is an Upgrade program available, with a scaled discount scheme applied. Please use the Contact Form to request further information.

As with new advanced ColourSpace orders, any existing LightSpace customer will be able to keep their LightSpace license when upgrading to ColourSpace.

Going forward, the cost to upgrade to ColourSpace from an existing LightSpace license will increase over time.
It will increase every month going forward.
Eventually the discount will become around 35% regardless of when LightSpace was purchased.

We will also likely stop all other calibration system Trade-up offers (for example from Calman/Chromapure) when ColourSpace is released.
With ColourSpace being so advanced compared to alternative calibration systems 'Trade-up' deals no longer makes any logical/financial sense.

When released, the main ColourSpace license option prices will be as follows:

INF - £2,975
XPT - £2,475
PRO - £2,075
CAL - £1,425
LTE - £625

HTX - £1,475
HTP - £1,275
HTL - £424

Details on the main ColourSpace license levels can be seen here:


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