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User Comments - LightSpace vs. Calman/Chromapure/Argyll/Displaycal

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Author Steve
#16 | Posted: 1 Jan 2019 14:48 
Fabio Elia has also used LightSpace to calibrate an LG C8 (still having to uploading the LightSpace LUT into the LG via Calman, due to the LG/Calman restriction), with results that are far better than using Calman alone.

I did a new calibration and was able to upload a Lightspace LUT into the C8 and I can say that it's the first time that I'm more than happy with the picture quality. After so many calibrations and tests I can enjoy watching movies in stunning quality.

You can see his full report HERE.

Again, shows the benefit of using LightSpace, even with the restriction of having to use Calman to upload into the LG display.

Author Steve
#17 | Posted: 7 Jan 2019 13:00 
From another user who traded-up from Calman a couple of years ago, but interestingly has only recently spent time comparing calibration results.

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying LightSpace.
Although I purchased the license a few years ago, I continued to use Calman for most calibration tasks. Finally, a few months ago, I decided to really dig into and learn the software. I read through every applicable (to me) guide in the support section of your website and I am now realizing just how powerful LightSpace is. Of course you already know this and I fully realize that I am only scratching the surface of the software's capabilities. However, I am at a point now where I am getting excellent consistent results with LightSpace and feel comfortable enough that I only use Calman now for some reporting, pretty graphs, and cross checking results.


The image when watching a well mastered movie is nothing short of incredible.

I hope to soon start doing display calibration professionally in the US NY tri-state area and plan to use LightSpace as my primary software tool. I may still use Calman for some graphs and charts.

Author Steve
#18 | Posted: 15 Jan 2019 13:46 | Edited by: Steve 
While not a direct quote against a specific alternate calibration system, this quote does go a long way to explaining the superior capabilities of LightSpace:

I did a LUT calibration on an Eizo CG318 today, which I will use to grade a TV feature film at a client's facility starting tomorrow. Great results in just under an hour with LightSpace and the CR-100, using the Eizo's built-in test patches! I'm very happy! My clients never really wanted any LUT calibration done so far, because of "all the hassle" compared to manual calibration (possible bandings, calibration can take hours, risky if the LUT box fails and nobody notices, etc.) and I personally mostly saw bad LUT results when I encountered them on screens calibrated by others, so I shied away from it as well. This stance is finally changing in my mind now. I know I'm preaching to the choir

Author Steve
#19 | Posted: 16 Jan 2019 09:45 | Edited by: Steve 
Another user, Rob Loney, upgraded from Calman to LightSpace to calibrated his LG TV.

I ran a 21^3 profile w LS using LS connect and a i1d pro. I set up for 120 nits on my LG 55 E8 because my living room is usually lit with 2 or 3 lamps etc.

Anyway, using LS and Teds methods, I was able to achieve an amazing Avg dE2000 of 0.2 in Color Checker etc.

I also wanted to post a brief history of how I got here.

I began originally by obtaining CalMAN Home and an i1d pro and running mobileforge on a galaxy tab s2. I could never achieve good results tho, no matter what. Then I saw results that others were getting by using LightSpace. So I purchased LightSpace LTE but still was having problems (i.e. if I got my greyscale looking good, my colors were whack or vice versa).

Then Steve Shaw of LightSpace referred me to Ted Aspiotis ( Ted had me send him a LS profile run and discovered that my RGB separation was way off. I told him I was using a Samsung tablet and LS Connect and he suggested I try using something else as a PG as he suspected my Samsung was at fault. He was right. So, I purchased Ted's media files to use as a reference test and got good RGB sep results.

Next step, I bought a Firestick 4K and an LG service remote as Ted had suggested and results were now fine. I followed Ted's instructions on how to profile and do display characterization measurements.

Basically, I mostly use CalMAN to upload the lut file to my LG E8 when Im done but most of the calibration took place in LS CMS.

You can see his results HERE.

Author Johnvnross
#20 | Posted: 21 Jan 2019 21:31 | Edited by: Johnvnross 
Luts Luts Luts!!! - That's the reason I bought a LightSpace license to augment my Calman Video Pro subscription.

I was a colorfacts user and their customer service went south - The same happened to caiman - although it's getting better of late.

Steve's customer service is still fab.Seems to be 24/7!! - incredible.

Do I wish I'd spent thousands on LS rather than Calman - Different horses for different courses I think. BOTH please.

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