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For sale : Colorimetry Research CR-100 + CR250RH probes

Author alex_t
#1 | Posted: 24 Feb 2020 05:56 | Edited by: alex_t 

I'm Alexandre from http://performances-home-cinema.fr/
You can contact me at : alexandre@performances-home-cinema.fr

I sell my two Colorimetry Research probes, both as 1st hand, in mint condition and perfectly working, as a single package only (I don't want to sell them separately):

- Colorimeter CR-100 (bought from Light Illusion)
- Spectro CR250RH (bought from Colorimetry Research)
- The carrying case allowing to carry both probes
- 2 USB cables (about 3 meter long, high quality)
- 1 dual meter mount
- 1 long reach extension bar

The CR-100 was bought on Nov 2014 then recertified in October 2015 (and upgraded to last firmware generation by Colorimetry research).

The CR-250RH was bought in Nov 2015. It has not been recertified since.

The CR-100 does not need any recertification because it is calibrated against CR250RH at each calibration session. The CR250RH would need a recertification and my price is adjusted accordingly.

Price: 9600 euros minus 600 euros (for a recertification) => 9000 euros + shipping. (about 7500 GBP) .I think it is a very good price knowing that this package costs about 14000 euros when new, including VAT.

Located in France, will be shipped in Europe only. Please note, that buyer will be responsible for import duties/VAT when applicable.

Payable in EURO via wire transfer.

Author alex_t
#2 | Posted: 10 Mar 2020 06:32 

The sale is cancelled.

For Sale & Wanted Light Illusion Forums / For Sale & Wanted /
 For sale : Colorimetry Research CR-100 + CR250RH probes

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